My Father

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Escaping From Trouble

Now it's 7 months after I started living with Harriet. I can't think of escaping because I am not not old enough for that. She never let me go out. She would lock the door. I was preparing food for lunch. Suddenly I heard Miss Harriet Cry. I went to the drawing room to see what had happened. She looked me and asked for a cup of water. I took the jug and a cup to her. She drank the water in the jug and said me sit on the sofa. So I did. She spoke very kind to me as I was a normal person. It was her husband's death anniversary. I wondered how a horrible woman can love someone. She went to the bed and said not to prepare lunch today. As I was about to go to bed I saw the door key on the coofee table. She forgot to take the key as she went crying. I took the key and opened the door. I ran as fast as I can. I had no place to go but the orphanage. But if I go to the orphanage she would come and pick me again. So I didn't go to the orphanage. Now I am free from her but still I am feeling lonely. I thought for a while and came to a conclusion. I decided to go to orphanage because I had no other choice.

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