My Father

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My New Father

I reached the orphanage by evening. When my friends saw me they were amazed. They asked me why did I come back. I cried and said all the incidents to them. They called Sis.Marie and said what'd happened. She was amazed too. Now I don't feel lonely because now I am with my friends. I thought Harriet wouldn't search for me but she came to the orphanage. She shouted at me, "How dare you? Come back with me now". Sister Marie didn't allow me to go with her. Harriet argued to take me back with her. "Marie Sister, a man came to adopt a child", said the staff from a distance. Sis.Marie turned to see the man. He was watching me with a smile. "May I adopt this child", the man said pointing me. Sis. Marie asked his name. "I am Gary. I am a Heart Surgeon. I lost my family in a train accident. Now I am alone. My friend suggested to adopt a child.", he said. I liked him because he looked like a good guy. He adopted me on Friday and picked me up on Sunday. I am happy now because now I have a father who I can call Dad.

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