The story of my life

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This story is for people that are going threw something and I want them to know that they are not alone anyways this story is about me and what has happen in my life for some people to know a little bit about me.

Vanessa Quezada
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Chapter one

Hello my name is Vanessa…. I have never ever in my life told anyone a lot about myself like when my teachers tell me to introduce myself I always have to say a lie because I live such a boring life. Well it is not bad but it get worse every day I have two siblings the oldest has always been very annoying and the youngest which is my little sister she can ask a lot of questions?? She once kept looking at my baby cousin until she made him cry. I hate a lot of people in my life I never talk to my parents anymore only when they are mad at me or when I did something wrong the only people I talk to are my cousin she is a year older I also like to talk to my best friends. My brother can be mean or homophobic to some of my friends because they are gay or bi or trans even though I’m also gay!!. When he makes gay jokes at lunch or dinner my dad kicks him under the table because my dad does not think it is funny to do that in front of me. When I came out my dad told me something he never in his life told me he said that he would be mad if I had a girlfriend but also be there to support me which when those words came out of his moth it made me cry because it kinda meant a lot to me. I was 9 years old when I came out to them and then I told my friends and cousins they also know that I have pronounce which are (she/her he/him they and them) I also came out as gender fluid which mean I don’t really have a gender so I’m a girl and boy many people tell me this exact same words “but your born as a girl” like bestie I know okay just please leave me alone I don’t know u like what but I think it is pretty funny because they are so confused with it so yeah that is something.
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