Unexpected Encounter

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Chapter 2

Unlike me. My mind is swirling with emotions and questions. All jumbled up. Why? Is it because of the sudden encounter?

Normal people would think we are strangers from two different regions.

But we are far more than being strangers. We are once lover turned into strangers. Strangers who shared a past together.

Strangers who has nothing to do with each other but the past giving them a reason.

I looked at her again and tried to make a conversation.

She kept looking at the window. As if she was looking beyond the recent past.

She spoke little-a word or two sometimes none at all.

Her restless hand spoke to me - why all this words they said, it would have been far better to have remained quiet.

I was sitting on another seat with her companions. At one point she beckoned me to come close.

I felt this was very bold. I went and sat next to her. Behind the round of the train came her voice very low. “Please do not mind. There is hardly any time to waste. I have to get off at the next station. You will go farther, we will never meet again. That is why the answers that have stayed unsaid. I wish to hear, will you tell me the truth?”

I looked at her and replied, “I will”.

She kept looking away towards the sky as she said,

“The day that we had together, are they all gone? Is there nothing left of those?

I paused for a moment; her questions caught me off guard. But I have to answer her with honesty but how much honest can I be?

Do we have anything left of those days together?

I was silent for a little while. Then I said,

“Those stars of the night sky, are always hidden in the depths of daylight”

She looked at me, her dark eyes bore into mine

I felt strange, wondering was I making this up?

And then she said “Alright, now go back over there”

I silently nodded and took my previous place. Swallowing down the question I have for her.

If only I could ask but sometimes it’s better off without knowledge. Something’s are better left unknown.

The train came to a halt. I glanced at her. Her face remained passive, preparing to leave.

She stopped once and looked at me,

To bid me farewell.

And then she left.

After a while the train started to move, leaving behind the past.

And I went all alone. Taking the memories of an unexpected encounter.


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