Feathers and Fins

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Feathers and Fins, Love and Hate . . .

"Feathers and Fins . . ."
"Mom? Why . . . why did you keep me? Why didn't you just . . . give me away?"
"Sweety, why do you ask?"
"you could've just given me away, I'm going to be crowned king in the future, and isn't there a prophecy that the first king to be crowned is when all hell will reign down?"
"Sweety, that prophecy isn't going to come true. That was created long ago, baby, you aren't going to cause the fall of anything."
". . . Love and Hate . . ."
*you tell Hachi, your brother, that you miss mom
"I do too, Kari. I do too . . ."
*you hug your brother . . . he hugs back
*. . . you ask your brother if he thinks you'll be a good ruler
"I bet you'll be the best ruler to have ever ruled this kingdom."
". . . may my Crowning Ceremony . . ."
". . . not come in haste . . ."
"I guess I was right Kari . . . you were the best ruler . . ."

I apologize for this being kinda short, I-
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