The story of my sky

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A traveler is on a journey seeking his very own sky.

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The wonderful sky

I am a humble explorer living off the things I scavenge and the good will of the people.

I am on a journey and on this journey I have one sole purpose and that is to find my very own sky.
Why's that I seek my own sky? It is very simple. This sky will give me meaning. Indeed my very own sky will.

I've been lost and confused my whole life but now I really think this is it. I need to find my very own sky.
I wander the world endlessly with a clear goal in mind my steps are firm and with purpose for it is that I seeketh the sky. Everything is clear and my body feels great I cannot wait to find my very own sky.

The similarities between landscapes makes me take the beauty for granted and then in the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of a sky. My very own sky.

"Oh...How wonderful you are." I exclaimed with admiration

This sky will give me my meaning now won't it?
It cannot be for naught surely my very own sky can give me the meaning that I need.

The glamour and the brilliance fades and so it is that the reality sets in. I Look up at the sky...It burns....the pain. Everything seems hazy...and I feel a pain my chest is it so that seeking my own sky was not the answer to my problems ?

The thought makes me puke and I cannot think clearly I must go find another sky for this cannot be the end I must find my meaning. My body not feeling great, My mind hazy and not clear I take whatever ounce of strength and willpower I have and begin my journey once again. To find my very own sky.
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