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I've been having this dream that we can fly

​In the evening, when her tears started to come to an end, Annabelle went to Killian’s room. She hadn’t seen him in a while, and a pit of concern within her had begun to grow more and more. What if something had happened to him? She swallowed nervously and raised her hand to push the door open.

“Killian?” Her voice was low, because it was late and she dared not speak too loud in fear of waking those who slept. The room she entered was hidden in the darkness; the only light came from the open door, and it smelled old and sick. She left the door wide open and stepped farther into the room.

“Killian”, she said again, a little higher this time, and then stayed silent to listen for his breathing. She heard nothing, and shook her head. “If you’re here, answer me!” She clenched her jaw, and soon after, she felt a cold gust of wind embracing her.

“Hey”, his voice was nothing more than a whisper, and Annabelle turned around, startled. He was leaning against the door frame, with his eyes closed and the black hair wild and tousled. A thin trickle of blood reached from his nose down to his chin, and Annabelle immediately ran up to him.

“Oh, no”, she said, without thinking of holding down the volume of her voice, “no, no, no...” He opened his eyes, trembling, and smiled vaguely when he saw the girl standing in front of him.

“I knew I would find you”, he murmured, and Annabelle tried to stop the tears that rose within her. She had always known that his end was coming, but not this fast. He couldn’t die, not yet, not now, not when she had promised to cure him!

“Killian”, she said then, her voice trembling, while she kept telling herself to stay strong, even though she knew it would never last. “You found me. Just don’t leave me now, please?” He didn’t answer, and his eyes were still closed. However, the smile still danced on his lips; weakly, but she could see it. “Don't leave me.” She put her hands on his shoulders, but then moved them to his pale cheeks.

Suddenly she felt his legs folding under him, and let out a faint cry as she caught his limp body before it hit the floor. He was now in her arms, but only for a short while, because she decided to put him on the ground, with only his head left in her arms.

She sat there for a long time, quiet with his head in her lap, and tried to hum a soothing melody, but was constantly interrupted by herself. The cries inside her couldn’t cease to grow when she realized that he wouldn’t wake up.

“Annabelle?” The voice sounded like golden bells, and when Annabelle opened her eyes, she was greeted by sparkling sunshine. Above her was the sky, pale blue without a single cloud. All around her were birds singing, and the eternal whistle of the wind through the many oak trees leaves. The scent of summer and freedom filled her lungs when she sat up on the still wet grass. She sat on the edge of the large meadow, with the mighty oaks behind her. Tears shimmered in her eyes when she realized who had said her name.

Killian sat leaning against one of the oaks beside her, and his eyes sparkled with happiness when he looked at her. Annabelle, too shocked to say as much as a single word, got up and ran towards him. His healthy face shone in the sun’s warm glow, and his eyes were again full of life. She embraced him, long, afraid that if she let go, he would disappear.

After a while, however, she released him, and he took her face in his hands. Just by looking into his crystal blue eyes, she felt more calm and at ease than she ever had done before. “You’re alive”, she whispered, and he nodded.

“You did it, Annabelle. You saved me.” Annabelle laughed, and looked him deep in the eyes.

“I cured you.” Killian laughed too, and Annabelle’s heart hurt because of all the happiness she felt. “You’re alive.” She could barely understand the meaning of the words she had just said, because they were words she never thought she would be able to say. All the happiness made her head spin.

“Thanks to you.” Killian took one of Annabelle’s small hands inside his, and looked at her with his eyes so full of happiness Annabelle didn’t know what to do. “I lov-” His voice was suddenly interrupted, and Annabelle saw how the sky immediately was colored black.

The next second, the grass turned red; the same shade as blood. The leaves on the oaks disappeared, and it was like life got sucked out of the trees; the only thing left was pale gray silhouettes whose thin branches angrily sprawled up towards the sky.

It was like someone had painted the world with the clearest, darkest color, and Annabelle was afraid. Everything was dead. The chirping of the birds was no longer a song; they were screams that echoed across the sky. Scream that became words; Annabelle’s words. She ceased to breath when she realized that she heard herself over and over again, shouting the same words:

“Father, don’t leave me, please... He’s dead, Alice, it’s my father and he’s dead... No, no, no... Killian!” The voice was hollow and Annabelle shook her head violently as she felt the world around her collapsing. Killian was still holding on to her hand, and she put her other arm around his body. She turned her face towards his.

“Don’t ever leave me, Killian. Promise me you won’t.” Her voice was strong and steady, and she was herself surprised by her courage and her sharp tone.

“I will never leave you, Annabelle.” His voice was the same as always, unlike everything else around them. “I will be by your side forever, you have my word.” Then suddenly the sky was cut in two by a burning flash, and black pieces of what seemed like glass fell to the ground. The sky was falling. Annabelle closed her eyes quickly and then looked up at Killian. What she saw made her heart stop, but only for a second.

Killian’s face was once again pale and sick, and his lips were cracked. Shards of his face fell, just like the sky, to the dark ground. Blood flowed from both his mouth and his nose, but the healthy, clear look in his eyes was left.

“Annabelle”, he breathed, “wake up. You have to wake up before it’s too late!” Annabelle burst into tears, and cried so much that she barely had time to breathe. All those dark scars that adorned her heart in secret ached so badly that she for a second thought about giving up. The pain was unbearable. But then she took a deep breath and decided to stay strong, because she was worth so much more than just giving up.

“I won’t leave you”, she said, hard, as if she wanted nothing more than to believe in the words she had just spoken, even though they were impossible to keep. She ran up to him, for now she noticed how far away he had gotten. Her eyes caught his, and refused to let go. She took his hand in a tight grip. “I won’t let you go. Not this time.” She watched in horror how he shook his head.

“Annabelle, listen to me! You have to wake up; none of this is true, it’s just a dream. Wake up, and I will be by your side. Wake up, Annabelle!” She shook her head violently, and clenched her jaw, refusing to believe his words. No dream could feel this real.

“Stay with me, Killian!” She screamed, and her screams made more flashes crowd on the broken sky.

“Wake up, Annabelle!” He screamed too, and Annabelle looked horrified at how the ground they stood on cracked open.

“I’m not going to leave you!” Then, suddenly, she lowered her voice as if she was ready to give up, and the strength in her eyes faded away and was replaced by pure despair. “I love y-”

Before she could finish the sentence everything around them disappeared; everything turned white. Annabelle still felt his hand in hers, when she breathlessly opened her eyes to find herself in Killian’s room.

“Killian? Killian, no, no, no...” Her body felt as if it was on fire as she began wiping his wet face. Blood; there was blood everywhere. On his face, on the floor, on her dress. The sight of the red led her to become dizzy, but all that echoed inside her was the fear that it was too late. That she was too late.

Trembling, she brought two fingers to his neck to search for his pulse. Take it easy, Annabelle, she reminded herself, stay calm. An immense relief spread inside her when she found it; very weak, but he was alive. A pale smile spread across her face as she carefully turned his head so that he could breathe freely, and then she turned his body so that he was lying in a fetal position in front of her.

A few seconds later the silence was broken by Killian, who started coughing. It was a hoarse and hollow cough, but Annabelle was still so happy that she took one of his hands and squeezed it hard.

“You’re alive”, she whispered, mostly to herself. His reply was almost inaudible.

“Thanks to you, Annabelle.”

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