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Bye, bye, baby, it's been a sweet love

Simone. At first it was difficult for her to register the person in front of her, but then she saw. It was Simone. The light around her was dazzling, but all too white. Everything was white.

“Annabelle?” She shook gently on her head. Everything was so painful. “Annabelle!” She tried to speak, make Simone’s concerns go away, but the evil within her caused her to remain silent. It hurt so much; too much. Simone came up to her and took her hand in her own. “Annabelle, it’s alright. Everything will be fine.” Simone’s sorrowful gaze made her suddenly remember, and she was able to speak.

“Alice? No, no, Alice...” Annabelle tried to force herself to breathe, but it was difficult. Simone shook her head, slowly.

“I’m sorry, Annabelle, but I’m afraid I can’t help you with Alice.” She pressed Annabelle’s hand hard. “But you must continue, you must keep fighting. You can’t let them win, Annabelle, you can’t.” Annabelle took a deep breath, and then let go of Simone’s hands.

“Don’t ever tell me what I can and can’t do, Simone.” Annabelle looked right into Simone’s eyes as she spoke, and fought simultaneously against every instinct she had that told her to look away. Then she suddenly took hold of Simone’s shoulders, desperately, angrily. “I’ve got my revenge, Simone, I must not do anything! I’m tired of living up to everyone’s expectations, I’m tired-” she interrupted herself when she realized how loud she screamed. Simone’s face became desperate; every trace of calmness was suddenly gone.

“They will die, everyone will die,” she breathed, “if you don’t stop them. Please, Annabelle, don’t give up.” Annabelle closed her eyes and her words were soft; nothing more than a whisper.

“I have already given up.” A broken smile reflected on her lips. “It’s over, Simone. I’m free.” She could hear Simone’s panic growing larger by the second; how her breathing became faster and faster.

“No, Annabelle, it’s not over,” she answered, no more than a whisper, “it’s far from over.” Simone shook her head, and then added, even more quiet, “who knows if it ever will be over?” Annabelle breathed heavily, and the white air surrounding them made her feel even more tired.

“I can’t, Simone,” she whispered, and then felt how her legs were folded under the weight of her body. She fell to the ground, which wasn’t a ground, but just white. It didn’t hurt. Simone fell to her knees beside her, but Annabelle didn’t see her anymore. It was just white, all of it.

“Keep fighting, Annabelle,” she heard Simone’s voice, soft and persuasive, “for without you we are all lost.”

Only the sky was gray when Annabelle opened her eyes to the world. Simone was gone, just as the fallen. She was alone. She rose gently, when she suddenly caught sight of Alice. The girl’s body lay open on the soft grass with the gaping wound gleaming in the silence. The body looked so empty, so alone; all life was ruined, lost in a world of gray. Annabelle’s face contorted in sadness, but also anger, and suddenly she couldn’t control herself anymore.

“Alice,” she said, too weak to shout, “Alice, please, wake up.” She slowly walked up to the pale girl, whose black hair already had turned into a mess. “Oh, Alice,” she whispered, as she tried to keep herself from screaming out loud. It couldn’t be over, not yet; it had barely begun. She took a deep breath. Was it all in vain?

“No,” she whispered in a broken voice, “come back, Alice. Don’t leave me alone, please...” But she didn’t come back. Suddenly, Annabelle lost control of time and space and the trees around her all turned red. She fell to the ground.

“Simone!” She screamed, desperate, unrestrained, and tore in her anger up the last green from the ground. “Help her!” All she got as an answer was silence, for even Simone was gone, if she even had been there in the first place. Annabelle was left all alone, to darkness and evil, both of which angrily tore up deep wounds inside her.

A creeping fear grew larger within her. Alice couldn’t be gone for real, could she? No, I can’t, I can’t...Memories of her father and Killian’s death suddenly made itself remembered, causing Annabelle to writhe in pain. She blinked, and when she opened her eyes she found herself once again surrounded by the fallen, by shadows.

“Come with us,” they hissed all together, quiet and scary, “don’t be afraid. Soon it will all be over, you can’t run away. The darkness will take you. The darkness will take you all.” Their cool breaths made Annabelle feel sick.I’m dreaming, she thought, I’m hallucinating. None of this is real.

“No,” she said out loud, and closed her eyes tightly, hoping that they would disappear. She kept them closed as she continued to speak. “I’m not afraid of you. May you all burn in hell, because you’re not going back to heaven.”

A burning pain was suddenly recognized like a line across her chest, and Annabelle couldn’t keep herself from screaming. The moment when it was the worst, just when the burning pain reached the place where the pendant given to her by Killian hung, it ended. She screamed out long and loud, and opened her eyes. Around her was nothing but trees that quietly rocked back and forth in the soothing wind, watching over her, and the sky was bright blue. White streaks of clouds slowly passed by. The only shadows remaining were the gray shadows of the trees.

It was then that Annabelle felt it. The emptiness, echoing inside her. That was all; not even the anger remained. No grief, no happiness. Just emptiness. Annabelle took a deep breath, and then let her gaze seek the body of her fallen friend. She neither cried nor smiled. when the brief words left her lips.

“Goodbye, Alice.”

It echoed with silence and darkness, when she walked among the trees; not even the birds sang. It was so dark and quiet that Annabelle for a moment was brought away, back to happier times.

When she closed her eyes, she could hear how her mother’s soothing voice rocked her to sleep; how father laughed with her, before he took her in his arms and spun her around and around among the mighty oaks by the lake. She could see Dean and Sam, playing with each other, happy and prosperous, with no thoughts of war and death. She thought of Katherine as a baby, a baby with dark feather like hair on the little head, a small rose bud mouth and large, shiny eyes.

Annabelle saw them, all of them, and she was herself back there, with them too, all alive and happy together. My family is whole again, she thought, and never doubted for a second whether it was a dream or reality. I got my family whole again.

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