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True is about a girl named Gwen,who learns to be true about herself and to be honest with herself even if it's hard but then she finds a good friend lilly who helps her along the way and loves her for who she is but she doesn't know how to feel about herself so she ran away to Paris to find herself and who she was but along the way she picked up some trouble and ran like the wind with it and she didn't stop running until she ran into her friend and together they got through everything and found that she loved to draw and sing after time has passed she and lilly found out that they were long list sister's lilly was the oldest and Gwen was the middle child they loved each other and helped each other got married together and died together happy with no regrets in their lives.

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Gwen who do you want? What?Iwant nothing can i go to bed?Sure but wake up early and get ready for the tea party tomorrow night. But I don't like that stuff mom. I didn't ask for that now go. Yes mother. Gwen come one! Hold on lilly it's 5:00 in the morning what are you doing up? I wanted to surprise you come one. Lilly I can't. I have a tea Party to go to sorry. But you have that. I know my mom's making me. It's gonna be the worst but I'm packing up-why are you packing?I'm going to Paris. But what about me,you can't leave me here all alone.

Chapter 2
Bye Lilly I'll see you when I come back. Ok but promise me one thing you'll call me as soon as you know when your coming home. You got it Lil. Hey!come back this isn't what I asked for!I'm sorry sir but it's all I have.You get back here young lady! Sorry! Whoa. Where are you going? None of your business.ok? Fine but you owe me. Why what did you do for me? I payed that man. Oh well thanks but I wanted him to chase after me I need some fun down here,I'm bored. I can give you something fun to do down here if your not doing anything. Sure let me just call someone really quick and I'll catch up with you. Sure. Lil it's me I'm ready to come home it's boring down here I'll be there next week.ok? Yeah but um why next week why not tomorrow? Cause I'm busy. Fine. Hey wait up!
Chapter 3
Wow this place is amazing. Yeah i know. That's it. What. That's all you have to say,this place is breath taking I'm speechless. It's the most romantic place here. Hey what's your name?Lorcan lake. What's your name? Gweny bee but my friends call me Gwen. Nice i have a flight back home tomorrow but I told my friend i was coming back next week can you help me pick something out for her before tomorrow it's her birthday and I never miss it pluses my mom gonnad be mad at me unless i bring her something fancy but all i havr is $6. Sure I'll help but you have to do something for me.
Chapter 4
Sure you name it. I don't know yet what's your number?it's 833-777-9804. Got it thanks. So do you know what I should i get for my mother?well what does she like! Fancy things. Here take this and go pay. Got it. Alrighty let's see you don't have enough for it. Sorry I got to bounce. Hey get back here!! Didn't i tell you to pay? You didn't have enough so i just took it. Fine let's go take this hat and hide somewhere.

Chapter 5
Found you. God you scared me to death. Sorry bit i got this for your friend and this for your mom. Nice thank you so i guess that's it now i just got to get home and make it time. I'll help I have trian a boat and plane you choose. Train please with food and a bathroom and wather with some juice. wow you are high maintenance. Thank you. Alright here you go. Thanks. Uh bye. Bye. Lilly! Gweny bee your here,you said next week though. It was a setup i could never miss your birthday. But you already did. What are you talking about no i didnt. Yeah it's been a year. What! I'm kidding it's only been a month you didn't miss it. Oh thank God i got you something. Now I have to go home before u get more trouble than I already am. Hi mom. Oh my baby!! Your home what is this. It's a gift from Paris. I got it for you. Thank you so much honey I'm putting on shelf that i cBsee everyday i wake up. I got me some stuff too wanna see? Of course my dear. I got a drawing book and a microphone. But i also got a heart to say that I like the color blue now and purple. Honey we need to talk.
Ok what's wrong? You have a sister awsome wait who your best friend Lily. Oh awsome i knew I had a connection with her you know like a sister connection. This is awesome mom. And mom. Yes honey? I love you. I love you too.

Lorcan what are you doing here?I love you. Sorry what was that. I like you I like you too but I'm not ready for the L word sorry. That's fine. But I am so I'll use as long as I can. Gwen what just happened here? I went to pairs got help fell in love all caught up? Yeah thanks. So when are you getting married? Next week with you.
Awsome let's get you ready.I do. I do. I do. I do.

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