The thousand splendid life

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A young boy who's in a deep grief,finds himself again through what destiny surprises him

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The thousand splendid life

The sun was about to set on the village .People packing things and leftovers as they hurriedly left to their homes.
Young jago,tired and exhausted aimed his way to his house after a lots of hopscotch ,hula hoops and what not.
As he was yet to turn to the way of his house;he saw a gather.
'what now?'.he wondered.
But just as he was about to walk in through the gates he saw smoke,fire..everywhere.Erupting through windows and through balcony of his room.Everywhere.
"Father,mother,Tina..!"he panickingly whispered.

But according to his fate,luck had climbed a mountain and fled.
Days passed,no family of jago survived.He was now temporarily shifted to his aunt at Sydney.
He cried and cried,and his aunt is at shopping,no ones home.He let out the bottledup screams.
But then he notices something.
Many years later

"JD,JD,JD,JD...!!"the crowd cheered.
In came through the backstage,the biggest world renowned singer'Jago Darius',aka JD.
He smiled ,his whole face glowing his dimples peeking making ladies a sight to see,even the mens.
"Ladies &Gentlemen....!!"he exclaimed.
The crowd roared.He laughed.
And then he started singing,in his sweet melodious voice calming the crowd and the trees.
He let's out his bottledup screams,that's when he notices the way his screams sounded,it had a tune in it.

That's when his journey to the world of music industry began.He wrote lyrics,played music,scripted the mv and many more.
And that's when he realised,light can come through, regardless of the darkness..
If he had taken his life he wouldn't be able to live a life better than a thousand splendid life.
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