Rhean Chronicles

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This isn’t a story so much as it is a compendium, of sorts. I use to have a website for this info, but the cost/view ratio meant I couldn’t keep the website. Too expensive for me now. Maybe in the future. This is mostly all of the info from that site, the only thing missing is any images I had. Discover a mythical fantasy where the vampire, Frankenstein's monster, the mummy, werewolf, and Gill-man are reimagined as various races who must unite to save their world. This site was created to provide you with more information about the history and characters of Rhea.

Jose Rodriguez
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Here you will find my thoughts on the characters on which the story was built. Except for Nibiru and Sara, all of them are based on the classic movie monsters we all know and love...or fear.
It should be noted that Leon & Sara are the main protagonists and Nibiru is the primary antagonist. All other characters can be considered secondary.

Arloff -

Based on Frankenstein’s monster, I knew I wanted Arloff to be a big, strong character. It was important to maintain his attribute of being a reanimated corpse. So with this in mind, the concept of the Netherworld came about and I decided that his race, the Prometheans, would have the distinction of being ‘extinct’.
Frankenstein’s monster never had powers like Dracula or some depictions of the mummy, but he was always tough in a way that he seemed unstoppable.

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