Love in the garden

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How 2 girls could never find love but when they went to a garden they found it with just a glimpse and they knew to stop looking for it and just to go for then a year past and they were still happy.

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Love in the garden

Chapter 1

Hi what can I get you? Uh yes actually do you have A lotus flower? Yes their in the back come with me. What's your name? It's Babe. That's a unique name. It's my nick name, but my parents called me that so much they forget my first name so we changed it to Babe. My name is Nancy, here's the flower you were looking for. Thank you. Woah, who is that? Oh that's Lexie she comes here almost every other week, I can get her come over here. Lexie! Huh, hey what's up Nancy. This is our new customer her name is Babe. That's a nice name Babe. Thank you, uh you have a pretty good name too. Thanks. Um I'll think I'll just take this one, it's as pretty as the rest are. You like these flowers? Yeah their my favorite. You should see how much of these I have at my house, their beautiful right? Yeah they are.

Chapter 2
Would you like to come over,it'll give you a chance to see how much flowers I have. Sure I don't really have to do anything except water and give the flower some sun light so that be great. Cool. Babe. Yeah, oh right I have to go pay. That'll be $60. Here you go.Thank you. Come on did you walk or drive here? I walked I had to get off my lazy butt. Nice I walked to. I'll show you were you I live come on. Hey wait up. Sorry, I like running. That's fine so do I. Wow your home is so pretty, and clean. How do you that? It's easy once I've got nothing to do and all I have to do is clean and keep my flowers alive. There's so many flowers it's at least 300. Nope it's 480. Wow, the fact that you know how many flowers you have is already a good thing. I started off with my mom's flowers but she died and half of me did too so I stopped then just 3 years ago I picked it up again, it makes me feel close to her. That must of been so sad I'm so sorry I didn't mean to - no, no you didn't do anything actually it's nice for me to share that with you, I don't tell much people about it unless I have a good feeling about them. So I'm good. Yeah you are. Awsome. I bit my lip and looked at a picture of her family she looked nice and so did the rest of them.

Chapter 3
I saw her biting her lip as she looked at my picture hanging up on the wall and she looked really good just staring at it I told her that it was taken 5 days before my died, and she felt bad. Hey, uh Lexie how do you keep your flowers alive inside the house? Oh it's easy I can show you. Great cause I have some flowers that are struggling to stay alive. The whole way to my house we just talked about each other's past and it was great I really felt that we could share anything. The second we got to her house it was clean and you can see the beautiful flowers and couch even her kitchen looked good. I stared at her for a while and when she turned around I got really hot like I was burning up.
Chapter 4
I walked closer to her and kissed her I quickly pulled away and said sorry and that I had to go, now the only time I see her is at the flower store down main street I miss her but I couldn't. After Lexie trued to kiss me and then pull away it was weird so we stopped talking and hanging out together I miss her but I found she had a girlfriend that's why she pulled away, I understood why she did it I just hope that she was honest with her girlfriend. Hi are you Babe? That depends on who's asking. I'm Lexie's girlfriend. Oh did she tell you? Yes, and I just want you to know that you did nothing wrong and neither did she but I could tell how much she liked you and our spark just wasn't their anymore so we both took a break and if you want I'm perfectly ok with you guys going out. Thank you but I didn't mean to break you guys up I'm so sorry. No it's ok, it wasn't your fault we worked it out together and we both came to the understanding that we just aren't together anymore.
Chapter 5
After me and Lexie's ex talked I went to the garden and went up to Lexie she was happy but also sad we talked and went over to my house and talked some more,then it happened again she kissed me and this time she didn't pull away. Mhmh, no no no, this isn't right you just got over a break up and I'm not ready for something like that I still have to tell my parents that I'm gay I don't want to tell them when I'm in the middle of dating someone, I don't know how they will react to it, I'm sorry. No it's fine I understand, I'm going to go I'll see you later. After she left I went to sleep and when I woke up I went to my parents house. Hey mom and dad I have to talk to you about something important. What's going on honey? I'm gay and it's not a joke I've been like this for some time now. That's ok honey I'm glad that your happy. Thank you mom. I won't allow it Babe. What why not? You have to children what if I don't want to have any and if I did then I can adopt or have somebody give birth for me. You don't make that decision I'm sorry but if your going to be that way then I'm not going to approve of you! Fine, but you ever need my help then don't ask for it and if you change your mind then you better have reason. And it is my decision! You can't make that call anymore I'm not your little girl I'm an adult, so you either get over the fact that I've grown or stop making decisions for me! I can do that all in may own and I chose this one so get over it! I slammed the door on my way out and scared my mom she always hated loud nosies, I felt bad so I went back in their and told her that I was sorry. Later when I got back home Lexie came over I told her what happen and she understood but I really wanted her. Hey Lexie can you stay? Sure. After a while if talking we ended up kissing and this time their was no enteruption, the only thing that was a problem was we went to far but we didn't care. I'm sorry. Don't be I liked it. So can we keep going? No, I have to get work but I'll see you after.

Chapter 6
After a year my dad never came to my house and apologized so I did then I told him that I was getting married and he loved it Lexie was happy I was happy my mom was happy until my parents died then I was left alone only to find out that my mom was pregnant with my baby sister so she was born and me Lexie took care of her. Hey sis ! What's up Rose! Where's the water bucket I'm watering the flowers and I forgot where Lexie put it?! I'm coming! Hey guys. Oh there you are, where is the water bucket? It's outside on the left side. Thank you. So did you think about it? Yes I did and rose is ready to know. Good she deserves to know what happened. Hey rose can come over here! Coming! What's up. We need to talk, your always asking about what happened to mom and dad so I'll tell you. When me and Lexie we're getting married I found out about you and a month after you were born that's when mom died, after that we stayed with dad and you for a while 2 years and that's when dad died when your just a toddler so we took you to out place and gave that place to our friends. So did I kill mommy. No she died a month after you were born it was just here time and had nothing to do with it nobody caused it and it was difently not you or your fault. That's good to know but I wish I knew her. So do I rose. Rose I'm sorry. It's ok Lexie. Thanks for telling me but can i slept with you guys now? Of course.
Chapter 7
Rose stop shaking the bed. Sorry Lex. The alarm rang mad I got up to get ready I left a note cause I was leaving extra early. The dog from across the street saw me and I knew what rose wanted for her birthday a puppy so I went to work and on my breaks I looked up everything and when I got home I had a surprise for both of them and Lex always wanted a puppy so it's was perfect. Surprise! A puppy!!! Lexie look it's a puppy!! Babe you got a puppy? We don't even- yes we do I went to work early so I got five breaks and used them for research then on my way home I got this little guy and this little girl their twins, and I didn't want to separate them. This is awesome. Thank you so much sis! I love them, and I will help take care of them. Alright get ready for school and you get ready for work. Actually I have the day off. Great I got my hours done now your turn rose. Ok I'll go get ready can we bring the puppy's?sure, why not. Alright bye when we pick you up your gonna name them alright! Ok, love you! See you later!

Chapter 8
Alright we have the house to ourselves we took the pups in a walk feed them gave them water and put on their diapers and got thier beds ready out their in the living room and our closet. So I think we deserve so ice cream. Oh come one on Babe,Ice cream what about something else like what like steak. Alright but first ice cream. Fine. Before we left the house for ice cream and steak we stared at each other then kissed and had some fun. We took a shower together to save water and make the process faster so we would still have time to pick up Rose. Babe we have to go pick up Rose. Alright I'll get the pups and you get the car started. Alright I'm on it. We picked up Rose got ice cream and steak then when we got home we started to look for some names for the puppies. Rose! Yeah? Brooke invited you to sleep over at her house you want to go? Sure I'll go pack. Alright. After rose left we went bed and set our alarms for 1:30 to pick up Rose from school.

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