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Two girls Grace and rose find sparks within each other, only to find out that their twins.

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Chapter 1 discovering the sparks

Grace I'm telling you you don't have a twin. Then why do I feel like I do? Because you have a big imagination and it takes you places. That's not it mom I know I have one my brain is not that wild. You don't have a twin Grace. Fine I'll let it go. Then next morning I got for school and got ready. Mom where's my birth certificate! Rose will you let it go already, you don't have a twin. Yes I do and going to find her. Mom I'm ready. Okay Grace I'll be down in a second. I have to find it I know I have a twin. Stop looking for it Grace. Looking for what? Your birth certificate. I'm not looking for that, I'm looking for my books. No your not,and here's your birth certificate, if you won't let it go then I might as well help you, but one thing before I do help you and you read it. I'm adopted, yeah I know already I've know for years I don't care. How did you find out? Oh I over herd you and papa talking about it when you thought you put me to sleep a couple years ago. Oh ok. Hope. I'm coming! After I got dropped off at school my stomach felt like sparks around the new girl Hope I thought it was just me when she turned to ask me if I felt it I told her yes. Do you have this thing we're you feel like you have a twin but your parents don't believe you? You have it to! Do you also have your birth certificate? Yes I do and I'm guessing you do too. I do but I don't think it says if I have a twin on it.
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