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Chapter 2 finding the sparks

My mom said I was adopted, are you? Yeah I am. Do you think your my twin? Let's go see come to .come to my house today and bring your mom. Are we doing a DNA test? Yes, yes we are. Awsome my DNA matches with my mom so I know she's my actual mom, my adopted mom died and I got adopted after to our mom but when she gave birth she only knew about one of us. Im guessing it was you Hope, if she didn't come looking for me but did for you then at least you got to see her. She's going to love you I promise. Hey hope when's your birthday? October 5, 2008 same what time 2 minutes before you she only stayef awake for so long. Yeah I guess so that's probably why she doesn't really know about me. Hope! Grace! It's time they came in! Coming !! Hey you copied me. No you copied me. It's true you both have a twin mom does this mean grace can move in with us? You are her actuall mom if it's ok with Grace, I would love to meet my other baby. Who do you want Grace, me or your mom. If you want her that's ok I would've chose the same thing. And if you want the one who raised you then that's ok as well Grace.
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