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Forest of Fate

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“I don’t think you quite understand the lengths I would go to keep you here with me,” he huffed, face in the crook of my neck and his fists balled up on either side of my head. “But your family. They won’t except me. I’m different.” I whispered. He barked a laugh. “Your different? Baby you have no idea.”

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Chapter 1


"I can't believe you! Why did you have to do this to us!" Angry tears fell from my eyes and streaked down my face.

"Sloane, it's not like I planned this! It's your father's fault! He's the one who had an affair with a woman 15 years younger than him. He's the one who wanted to start a family with her and wanted us gone. It's his fault he wanted a divorce. I didn't have a hand in any of this. So you should be pointing your finger at him and not me!" Tears fell from her eyes too and she brushed them away with the back of her hand.

"Can we be quieter about this Mom? Toby's just down the hall from and I don't want him to know about all of this just yet. He's only a child." I whispered yelled at her. Toby was my 9-year-old brother. I did not need my baby brother concerned about what's happening to Mom, dad and their marriage. Mom glanced at Toby's bedroom door and sighed in defeat.

She walked over to my bed and collapsed on top of my lavender-colored duvet. Her eyes held bone-deep exhaustion that had been building up since dad announced he was moving his newly wedded wife into our house and was kicking mom, me, and Toby out. He gave us 3 1/2 months to collect our stuff and find a new place to live before he "did something about it" himself. Whatever that meant.

Mom covered her distraught eyes with her forearm and I plopped down right beside her. I decided to change the subject about dad and into something a little less stressful. "I found the perfect house for us to rent/buy earlier today. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a two-car garage. Plus a large yard for Toby to play in."

I grabbed mom's hand and squeezed. She squeezed me back and sat up with a sad look in her eyes. "I'll check it out. Send me the link via text message?"

"Yeah, I'll do that right now."

Just as I said that my phone buzzed on my nightstand. Mom was lying on the side near the stand so she handed it to me. A text from my bestie, Ophelia "Phell" Harrison popped up on my notification bar.

Phell: U free today? I'd like to hang out w/ u before u become super busy w/ the big move!

Me: Um, let me check w/ my mom. She's a little upset rn and might need company.

Phell: Kk just call/text me when u get ur answer. I saved up some money so we can go to that brand new mall downtown and do a goodbye shopping spree.

Me: Okie Dokie! Love you Phell <3

Phell: Love you too girly *kissy face*

"Phell wants to hang out today. Can I go or do you need me here with you? Because if you're lonely I can ask for a raincheck and you and I can hang out instead." I turned and faced my mom. She was sitting cross-legged and was holding my favorite stuffed animal, a black wolf named Eggs.

She smiled weakly and hugged Eggs to her chest. "I remember when I first gave you this. It was your 5th birthday. You were obsessed with the nature show on wolves and would continuously run around the house in your favorite wolf pj's and your Wolf ear headband pretending you were a wolf. So your father and I decided to buy you a wolf stuffed animal as one of your presents. For days you went around the house naming your wolf different things to see if the name fit,"

As I mirrored her sitting position, the memory of me getting my now scruffy and old wolf flashed through my mind, making a happy feeling flow through my veins.

"One Sunday morning I asked what you wanted for breakfast. You yelled "Eggs!" from across the house and then started chanting "Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!" like you were winning the lottery. I just stood there over the stove laughing because I thought you were excited to eat some eggs. But later that afternoon before I tucked you into bed for your nap, I asked you if you had decided on a name for your wolf yet. You proceeded to chant, "Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!"." Mom laughed merrily and wiped a happy tear from under her crystal blue eyes.

I smiled and finally felt content and filled with nostalgic happiness since this disaster of unfortunate events took place in my life. Mom deposited my wolf on my nightstand and took hold of both of my hands. She gave them a slight squeeze and then let go.

"Go and have fun with Ophelia. I'll be okay here. Plus I have Toby to keep me company if I get lonely," She gave me a small smile. "Do you need gas money or something?"

"Oh no, I filled up Jade's tank yesterday on my way home from school. Plus mom, I have a job and my own money. Just focus on saving your money so when we move we won't need to get a loan or go on a diet because we won’t have enough money. But thank you," I leaned over and wrapped my arms around her middle in a hug. "I'll be back before dinner. Love you, mom."

My car, Jade, was a 2016 green jade-colored Hyundai Sonata I got for my 16th birthday from my parents.

Mom left my room and I picked up my phone and dialed Phell's number.


"Hey, Phell! Pick me up in 30 minutes?"

"Oh heck yeah! Can't wait to see you! Bye."

"Bye Phell."

The line went dead and I rushed into my closet to pick out an outfit worthy of the new shopping mall. It was a little chilly so I decided on high-waisted, light washed, skinny jeans with small rips on the knees, a soft plain white tee shirt, and a lightweight tan fluffy jacket. I added a pair of small hoop earrings, a long necklace with a sunflower pendant, and a sunflower bracelet I got from Phell a few years ago. I brushed out my wavy dirty blonde hair and let it sit loosely on my shoulders and back.

My closet was filled to the brim with different types of shoes. (My parents love to spoil me with shoes whenever they go places) After a 5 minute ponder session on which shoes would be perfect for my outfit, I finally decided on a pair of stark white vans old skools shoes.

"Should I do makeup?" I asked myself as I examined my face in the mirror on the closet door. "Hmm, maybe a light dusting."

I cranked on my favorite song, "Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran and started on my eyeshadow. I moved to a concealer under my eyes, highlighter on the curve around my eyes, a little bronzer on my cheekbones, Some brown mascara, and a small smear of pink lip gloss. After I was satisfied I tucked my lipgloss, a small compact mirror, a napkin for my extra gloss, my wallet, and my phone into my shoulder satchel I was ready to take on the world.

My phone beeped. The message displayed was: I'm here girly! Are you ready?

I replied with: Yes I'm coming out rn.

I yelled to my mom and Toby that I was leaving for the afternoon and I'd be back before dinner
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