An inner monologue of how to get unstuck when everything seems to be an addiction.

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Addiction and the monologue of my inner self to get unstuck.

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How to un-addict myself/yourself/your dog and our life

Everything seems like an addiction when you lose the focus and will to hold on. Small things in life are what matters the most. Depression hits hard but you can hit back harder. She said you are addicted to her its just a phase? Well bro i got news for you there are 8 billion people out there ready to embrace you. You might say but i thought she was the one i would say you were a young overenthusiastic fool. Addiction is hard. You lost people that mattered to you. You gave up school. You gave up life at times but those angels were there to save you. Your family/your friends all that matters. Love?Ha. Love in our times in a capitalistic environment after the age of 25 is mostly ”i wouldn't dare to get my tax application on the same page with you” sort of thing” meanwhile someone else might have said to you ”all i want is the stars and your smile". Embrace things for what they are embrace them and hold them deep in your heart. Everything is an experience even if its good or not. This isn't about a lovestruck fool this is about you and having to get a grip with your addiction to small puny things that keep you restrained behind. Start talking to yourself start writing start typing start screaming. Start sharing your heart’s content with the world with your family with your friends with your dog. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen or read what we type. Sometimes we need to be the ones listening. What if everything was easier ? Well who said its not easy you just make it look hard but that hardship is what made you be who you are. Embrace now embrace what you are be thankful for who you were and be thankful for what you will become. Words come out but no feelings you might say but in truth its your self talking to you. Get a grip brother. Life is out there and there are things to embrace now and accept. You got this. You always had it and you always will have it. Addiction eh? More like magic little spell that makes you get stuck but don't worry after all i am here to help. Abra cadabrus you are no longer stuck. Its time for you to shine. Be who you are do what you do best and most of all EMBRACE IT FUCK IT DANK IT AND LOVE IT FOR WHO YOU ARE . Addicted to depression no more. Addicted to Life? F*ck yeaH!

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