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"How far would you go for your people?" That was the question Journey's teacher asked her on the last day of school. Journey did not hesitate to reply: "I would do anything". She found herself thinking about it again 2 years later while watching the news. Her people, the Silver, were fighting for freedom and what they got in return was a war from Gold. During nights she could not sleep, thinking of those who were dying trying to change this situation. On those sleepless nights, she thought, "how far would I really go for my people?", and she had no answer. However, when she finds something, and someone, she knows what he has to do and finds herself doing things she never thought she would do. Laura, on the other hand, couldn't care less about what was happening in the country. Her life went on as usual, she was focused on her studies and she didn't need anyone by her side. That is, until shw see something she wasn't supposed to and get involved in a very dangerous situation. For Journey and Laura, the war will bring alliances, unexpected revelations, friends and possibly a new lease on life.

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My head was aching and
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