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Scrolling through social media is what we all usually do , sometimes i come across videos of people who try to explain their stories and how hurt they are . And here is when i realize that i am not the only one facing problems and crying . We ask ourselves ‘WHY ME ‘

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~WHY ME ~ in fact each one of us has problems and im sure anyone reading this must have had life experiences that made him who he is now .
I asked myself that same question today because I've been facing weird problems that made me question myself and what i did so wrong .
Im donne with high school and in our country i must say i got a high mark which let me pass a test to enter a school .
The moment i got my mark , i started preparing for that test for a month , i didn't even celebrate my mark , nobody has given me something for all that hard work , nobody really cared .
A Saturday morning i went to pass that test
I got sick that morning and i passed out during the test , didn't get the chance to finish it .
I was shocked that day , i couldn’t even believe it
I was preparing the whole time and couldn’t finish it , i knew i was lost because i didn’t have any other choice than leaving the country which is better but still not certain.
Today is the result day , i got off my bed and told my mom that i didn't make it… , and she knew i was sick that day , something that i didn’t choose for myself , you know what she said
She said oh probably the dumbest one got it
I dont know how to feel about that honestly
I mean i know she’s mad because i didn’t get it
But why blame me when i didn’t choose to be sick?

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