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A girl who just woke up in the middle of the forest. Doesn't have a clue who she was and where she is.

Other / Adventure
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C1: Epistle

I woke up and saw myself in the middle of the forest. I don't know why I'm here and I can't even remember anything. I stood up and start to walk.

It's pretty dark and kinda cold. While I'm walking, I saw a house near a lake. I hurriedly went to the house and knocked on the door.

The door opens and a tall man is standing in front of me. I guess he's around my age. Wait. How old am I?

"How may I help you?" he said.

I don't know what to say. It looks like he noticed that I'm shivering in the cold so he let me enter the house.

The house is not that big but I think 4 people can live here. It's not cold anymore. He offers me a seat. I thanked him and sat on the chair.

"Are you an adventurer?" he asked.

"I don't know," I replied that makes him confused.

I just told to him what happened to me and How did I end up here. He just sighed. Did I say something wrong?

"You can stay here if you want," he said.

"Really?" I said excitedly.

"I'm gonna leave this house too. So you can take care of it," he said.

"Why are you leaving?" I asked.

"Because I'm gonna travel the world. My parents didn't agree but I don't want to give up my dreams," he replied.

He suddenly pats my head and said, "So take care of this house while I'm gone." I just nod that makes him smile at me.

"Why do you trust me? Don't you find me suspicious?"

"You're kinda suspicious but I know you are kind and you can't hurt me," he answered.

4 years passed when I met him. I'm still staying at his house and waiting for him to come back.

"Nyx," someone called my name. I look around and saw Irene standing at the door of the classroom.

I approach her. "Irene!" This is the first time in this month that she visit me in the classroom. She's been busy these days because her graduation is near.

"Can you help me on practicing some spells?" she asked.

I notice the dark circles under her eyes. I guess she didn't have a proper sleep these days.

"Okay," I said that makes her smile.

Our teacher is sick thats why its our free time today. Some of my classmates went back to their home and some are not.

"Thank you," she said.

Irene is the one who took care of me when Aeron left the house. She's so kind and caring.

She wants to cast spells while me I want to enhance my Swordmanship. Aeron taught me some swordmanship but I want to learn more thats why I save money to pay it for my tuition in this academy.

We arrived at the Werion. This is where they practice casting spells. Theres a barrier in this room in case if the student mess up in casting the spell. So that the school will not explode.

"Can you cast this spell?" she said and gave me the book.

"Seiro Vio,"

The room become dark and you can hear a crushing noise. Suddenly a lightning strikes on the floor and it didn't stop. Some of the floors crack because the lightning strikes everywhere. But it didn't affect Irene because Nyx already controlled the spell.

Irene was amazed from what she saw. She know that theres something special about Nyx. Because the spell that Nyx casted is one of the hardest spell even their teacher can't cast.

The lightning turns into blue, that makes Irene scared. This is the first time she saw a blue lightning.

The cracks also become bigger its like it can destroy this entire room. Her teacher is right, this will be dangerous if you mess up.

"Done," Nyx disabled the spell and glanced at Evie.

"How did you do it?" Irene ask her.

"Eh? Just say it?" Nyx confusely replied.

"You're not even using a wand. Thats why I'm asking you how did you do it,"

Nyx was shocked. Irene is right, she didn't use her wand. But she forgot to use the wand that is in her pocket.

Nyx just scratch the back of her head, "I didn't realize that I didn't use my wand. I thought I'm holding my wand. Sorry,"

"Teach me how you do it," Irene said to her.

"But I didn't know how i did it," Nyx answered.

"You're really mysterious. By the way, did you received Aeron's letter?"

"I didn't received any letter from him this year," I replied.

I wonder where is he. He promised me that he will sent me letters so I will know whats happening to him.

"I wonder why people is happy receiving letters," I said.

"Because its from someone special to them,"

"I still don't understand. Letters from someone special to them then why that someone special to them didn't visit them? Why would he/she wrote a letter? Isn't it better if they are together?"

He just laughed at me. "You will understand it someday,"

Aeron, I already understand it now. It makes me excited when I received your letters.

Your letter always have a cliffhanger, that makes me angry. Because i want to know what will happen next.

"Thank you again, Nyx." Irene said.

"Welcome and don't overwork yourself too much,"

"I didn't overwork myself," she said.

"Then why theres a big circle under your eyes?"

"Eh?! Is it really obvious?" she panic.

"Yeah," I replied.

"Its really his fault. That teacher is very strict," she said.

"Calm down,"

"Let's go home," she said and pulled me

"But you still have a class,"

"Don't worry about it. Not attending class once is not bad," she said while holding my wrist.

Auntie will going to kill her if she found out that Irene skip classes. I just sigh. I can't change her mind so I will just go with the flow.

When we arrived at Aeron's house. I saw a mailman putting a letter at my mailbox and left. I quickly go to my mailbox and opens it.

Its a letter from him. "Why did you run?" Irene said.

I show her the letter. "Its from him,"

She just smiled at me. "I will go inside the house. Just take your time reading the letter from your lover,"

"He's not my lover!"

"Then why your cheeks are red?" she ask that makes me look away.

"Fine, he's not your lover because he's your husband" Irene said and hurriedly go inside the house.

I will just ignore what she said. I open the letter with a big smile on my face and starts to read it.

But my smile suddenly fade. "N-No, this is just a j-joke. A-Aeron.."

I just saw myself lying on the ground. Tears fall down to my cheeks. Its just hard to accept it.

He's dead.
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