Humanity (Short Story By Chinmayee Mohanty)

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Humanity is the most important thing in life

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ib: true events

Stella was a very kindhearted , graceful who was living happily with her parents and her only brother. After completing her education , she got a job in a private company. After 5 years of her job she got married to Ambrose who was working in the same company . They were spending their life happily and peacefully with their son Liam.
One day Ambrose felt nauseous and puked 3 to 4 times after having his lunch followed by excruciating pain in his stomach. He consulted the doctors who prescribed him multiple tests. It was then identified that the symptoms he exhibited were due to stomach cancer which was at an advanced stage. He struggled to survive but unfortunately he died within six months.
Stella was shattered by his demise and felt sad for her son who was only 2 years old. It was very difficult for her to manage office with her little boy. Thus she decided to stay with her parents. A few months passed. Stella' s sister in law was dissatisfied with Stella staying in the house. Gradually she started quarrelling with Stella and was very partial between her daughter and Liam. Stella's parents wanted her to stay with them. Four years passed and her parents were no more. Stella gave all her pay to her sister in law but she was not satisfied . Her sister in law treated her like a maid but Stella was so loving that she didn't mind it at all. She was just happy with her son who studied at a public school. Her son was a typical genius which impressed all the teachers at school. They were fond of him. Stella was really proud of him.
Some years passed Stella's sister in law went to her parents house for a month during summer vacations with her daughter. One day she felt feverish , throat pain which were symptoms of Corona virus. She got tested positive for the virus. Her brother then asked her to return to her home otherwise they all would be infected . She came to her home with her daughter. She was quarantined in her house . She suffered from severe body pain which was intolerable. Unfortunately her daughter died within 15 days . Stella was so kind that she was serving her sister in law whole heartedly. Her sister in law wailed continuously due to the severe body ache. Stella couldn't bear it and went to massage her and fed her and was praying for her health. Gradually she was cured and realised her faults and apologised to Stella. Stella willingly forgave her sister in law.
One night Stella couldn't breathe properly . After 2 hours her condition worsened , she was taken to the hospital. The doctor informed her brother that her lungs got severely affected by Corona so she couldn't breathe properly. Stella stayed in ICU .
Within a month she passed after saving her sister in law's life. She had asymptomatic symptoms. When the doctor informed her death to her brother, her sister in law felt very sad. She missed her too much. Stella's sister in law changed from being inhuman to human due to Stella's humanity and Corona. She realised that Corona had filled pity ,love and humanity in her heart . So she thanked Corona and felt pity , love were important in one's life to live happily rather than money , hatred , greed and pride. She adopted Stella's son and lived happily.

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