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ANARCHY: How to Make a Country Great Again

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How far would you go to change the shitty government of one country? A change that makes a whole country's political state uncertain. Marian Zenida, one of the executive officers of the state, whose been around the palace before the previous elected president presides. With her knowledge of everything happening behind the scene, she took a big part of electing a new president which later change the history of country's politics.

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Too crowded.

One thing to describe Palace of Regal Confederation at the moment. Murmurs of the crowd and camera flash can be heard everywhere.

It was expected, as the President of the State have an announcement that will change the country's history.

Sighs escape from my mouth in every second passed as I closed the door of the room where the President being held before the conference start.

"Mister President-" "No" coldness in his voice were evident. His eyes holds no life but emptiness.

For three years I've worked for him, I slowly witness how his hope for the country's betterment starts to fade.

For years, I've seen how people used to admired his unique way of leading. How they defend his way of leading to other countries who did nothing but criticize.

I've seen how hopeful he was in making the country great once again. How he manage to eradicate politicians who have been in politics doing nothing but their own gain.

I've witness how eager he was to protect and care the people who did nothing but to criticize and pulled him down.

"If you insist" there's no chance I can change his mind. This is the straw before everything goes down along with him.

"It was a pleasure to be under your administration, Mr. President" I bowed as I opened the door earning attention from the press who waited for his arrival— no, his fall.

For the last time, I looked into his walking figure before closing the door and walked out thinking how it all went wrong.

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