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Broken Diamond Unfounded

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A Queen name Diamond has been through the most. Since a teenager, she’s been holding in a lot and chooses the wrong the path. Diamond was raised in church, but ... parents and family began to let go of God. As her teenage years past on; things still get hard for her. Diamond goes to the streets and becomes a known rapper. But, her faith is weak and Enemies are stronger. But, she knows of God .. WILL SHE END UP STUCK BY HER DAILY SURROUNDINGS OR WILL SHE TURN TO GOD ! They call her Queen because everyone knows she knows how to hustle and she’s book smart. Intelligent with the street life and book knowledge. She’s a warrior who strikes anyone or anything that comes her way of her hustle / life.

Other / Drama
Queen Riah
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Way too Deep

One night,
Diamond had a bad day and night. Her parents were always fussing and fighting. Well, pops never did abuse mom. But, it began to seem like Diamond couldn’t focus on school work anymore. Diamond’s sophomore year, she was homeschooled. She wanted to get pulled out because of the drama she was facing everyday & night. Diamond is the second born out of 4 other siblings.

There names are (oldest to youngest) :
• Dre aka Bubba ( Oldest Brother- 1996 )
• Diamond aka Queen ( Her- 1997 )
• ZaeZae aka Ziggy ( Little Brother - 1999 )
• Tye aka TC ( ( Youngest Brother - 2006 )
• Renity aka TuttaBug ( Baby Sister - 2016 )
Then, there’s • DJ aka Dee ( 1st Cousin- 1996 )
Diamond’s Mom and Dee’s Mom are sisters and
Dads are Brothers!!!! But, Dee’s Dad ( Diamond’s Uncle ) had passed away before they were born.

I know right ! A Baby sister who is recently born.
Well, TuttaBug is special because in January 2016,
Diamond’s mother decided to leave home. The Home was now just a house. Things wasn’t the same when for anyone in the household family, when mom did leave. Everyone cried well, except Bubba because he was already married to his wife Brooklyn aka Yella; He was out and had his own house. The night mom left was January 22nd, 2016. Now, that story will be continued..!
Anyways, Diamond from 15-18 years old had it the worst! At 15, Diamond lost her grandfather that taught her a lot of country things. At 16, Diamond lost her virginity to someone under the influence of alcohol because he kept hyping her up to drink. She began to vomit and black out. At 17, Diamond began to fight depression and started to cut on her wrist because she felt it healed pain. At this age, Diamond’s parents would still fuss and fight all morning , noon , and night long ! She couldn’t sleep or anything ! She even began to smoke cigarettes ( Kool 100’s ) to be exact. Everything about Diamond just began to change. She was already tomboyish from growing up as the only girl. Her brothers were always rough & made sure she could stand for herself.
Bubba and Dee made her into a strong minded female and physically strong as well. The 3 grew up playing football the most! A GIRL RITE?! Yes, Diamond loves football and she could throw just like any other boy could. Even in middle school her P.E.
Coach seen how well she would throw because football was one of their activity One-day. Coach
did separate the girls from boys. But, Diamond was too rough so, he made her play with the boys group. The boys didn’t mind because they knew Diamond from head start and how she was tomboyish but, just beautiful. Coach volunteered Diamond to play for their middle school team. Diamond’s brothers didn’t approve because they just cared so much about her getting hurt.
Diamond grew up loving football, boxing, poetry and music. She began to write poetry at the age of 10 years old. Her Mom’s mom ( Diamond’s Grandmother) taught her poetry and they would write back and forth. So, Diamond began to write poetry everyday to escape her pain. But, sometimes that wouldn’t even help. Bubba always played piano just like pops. He was very musically gifted, as well as Ziggy because he played drums ( very excellent ).
When Bubba got older, he began to write music, sing, and freestyle ( rap ) to any beat. Everyone loved his musically gifts. Until one-day, Bubba seen Diamond’s poetry binder and taught Diamond how to use poetry as music. He would tell Diamond ,” Feel the rhythm of the beat and you be the song , let your voice be the volume and never give up Lil sis!” So, she learned to flow with beats and create songs. Diamond would take her pain and rap her stories out ! Everyone that followed her on social media , especially Instagram
Loved her Flow ! It was amazing and Different !!
Diamond had a little best friend named Chucky aka Bruzzo. He was 5 years older than she was. So, with no disrespect they stayed friends ( met on social media ). They lost contact but, when Diamond hit 18 years old , Chucky hit her up. It was late October .. but, November 3rd is when they made it official. He would see Diamond every night and was there for her pain. She began to fall for him but, was hard to love because of her past and pain.

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