Call her death

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Pain, suffering , betrayal and everything was taken away from her by her lover and her best friend. She rebirth again to a younger age to have revenge but this time she meets a dashing cold guy will she work with him to have revenge? Or do it on her own

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"why are you doing this to me , don't you love me, Dimitri ?"

"Who would love an opharn like you , i never loved you but only used you, you are pathetic,"Dimitri Said.

"Poor you, Tina we were just using ur talents ,money and everything else for just ourselves "

"And we have been doing that for four years,hahaha"sierra my so called best friend says

Tears start falling from Tina's face as she sees the two lovers kissing.she could not believe she trusted this two,she loved them ,helped them and this is what they pay in return.

She has never felt so angry in her life .she was disgusted by seeing the two shamelessly making love right in front of her.she just wanted to kill them right here.

"Now my future husband let's kill her, she already knows too much,hahaha,"sierra says while laughing evilly

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