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Two sisters never apart. But then came something heavy to their hearts. Would lives get better or would they fall apart? This was a question that plagued them until they grew up. Adeline Stirling had always been second best when it came to her older sister. It became such a mountain to reach that perfection that she threw her hands in the air and said screw it. Breaking the rules was just easier. It was until a twist of fate happens that both the Stirling sisters get caught and sentence to do community service at a ranch. Will they be able to work out demons and make amends? Read to find out!

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Chapter One

I really have never been different from any other girl. When I was younger I loved playing with my sister’s forbidden makeup, braiding my hair into knots, and even ran my fingers through the different material clothing my mother collect through out the years.

A small smile formed on my lips as I thought of my favorite outfit I had always been drawn too. It was the delicate lace blue peplum top that hung to long on me, which I paired with a yellow scarf and red pumps.

“Adeline.” My light brown eyes bounce up toward the mirror to find my mother, Mabel, standing in the door way. Her red hair was twisted back tightly and her small frame held a dark grey dress. “Change out of that horrid dress.”

I shifted my hurt eyes down to the cute red dress I put on earlier today. She continued to stress, “I want you wearing the black dress I bought you yesterday. It’s more slimming and will fit the neutral theme for the party.”

My once smile dropped quickly as I responded bitterly, “Yes mother.”

With that, Mabel informed me as she began to step out, “Veranda should be here soon.”

Releasing a deep breath, I whispered to myself, “Great.”

Slowly I walked over to my small closet to retrieve the simple boring dress. “Adeline?”

I rolled my eyes becoming more furious.

It was called knocking, I thought annoyed.

“You need to be downstairs now,” my mother again commanded and I quickly torn off my clothes and struggled to zip up the black death trap.

“Adeline,” my mother called out when stepping in the doorway of my closet.

“Mother!” I finally said turning around with my hands trying to hold the back together. “I’m trying to change.”

She turned me around like it was nothing and said, “Your stalling way to long. Veranda will be here any minute.” Mabel roughly zippered me up and handed black heels quickly in my hands. “God your hair-”

The door bell rang making my mother’s eyes widen with excitement and worry. “Well no time, come on. Come on.”

Struggling to strap on the black heels, my mother pushed me quickly forward to go down the stairs. Dropping my eyes down the railing I found my father waiting impatiently.

“Richard!” My mother yelled as she flew past me to my father. “I told you to wait to chew those cancer sticks.”

For how barrel-chested a man Richard was, he quickly spun my mother around and said to distract her, “Mabel you look beautiful.”

He was always good at distractions, I thought indignantly.

“Oh, really,” my mother blushed.

Rolling my eyes, I watched our butler open the front door to Vera and her husband named, I kid you not, Bradly.

“Oh, my baby!” Mabel squealed when quickly hugging my sister as Richard gave a firm hand shake to Bradley. Vera stepped closer inside as if she was still in a pageant with her high heel pumps.

“How was you honeymoon to Paris? Did you see the Eiffel....” My mother began to ask a million questions per second as my father latched onto his blackberry.

My sister gave her animated smile and responded, “It was amazing. We saw some sights, got invited to elite parties and even I got another offer to model....”

Leaning against the wall, I knew many things Vera bragged about made me doubt her stories, but modeling was not one of them. She was a gorgeous woman. Very tall, thin, yet curvaceous and blessed with chest. A perfect face framed with long chestnut hair.

“I love your dress,” Mabel’s voice pulled me out of my observing.

Vera swirled her red dress back and forth to show it off.

“Its from Paris,” Vera said pleased.

My mother responded, “It’ll be perfect for the party.”

Instantly I rolled my eyes. Of course, it was okay for her.

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