Country Girl

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Scarlett Marabella Preston is now an ophan because her mother died in a car crash. Sent to a place she never thought she'd have to live. She was sent to live with her father and older brother.The older brother that she never met before. It wasn't her mom's son it was Wyatt Preston's son and he had, had Colten Jefferson Porter with his first wife. Waylon hates her father because he done things when he was drunk and that thing he did was cheat on her mother so Waylon's mother took her away from her father when she was 5 and ever since she was older and knew what her father did she hated him. When Scarlett moves in with her father she automatically hits off with a mysterious cowboy named Justin Bryce. And gets along with her brother really well. But will Scarlett learn to forgive her father? Will they began to get to know one another? Will Scarlett love her father like a daughter should?

Other / Adventure
Alexandria Miner
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Chapter 1 - The Accident

My breath caught in my throat when I heard my mother died. I stood there in the middle of the hallway, in the hospital. Staring at the doctor in shock. I didn’t know how to act. I was dumbfounded.

" You’re lying. My mother is not dead and you know it.” I screeched.

“I’m sorry Miss. Preston, but it’s true.”

“No no stop. Don’t say that. You can’t”

“Miss, your grief reactions are normal . I give you my condolences.”

My father was in the hospital with me because he got the call that mom died. He tried comforting me but I just brushed him off because I absolutely despise him and I always will.

Dad said I had to come with him to live with him on his ranch because I had no other family to live with. I tried arguing with him about it but I knew I was not going to win this argument.

This means I have to leave all my friends behind and go to a different school. I guess I always did know I was a cowgirl by he9art and now this is my chance to live it.

I love the country honestly. I believe it’s my home. I’ve been in love with the country my whole life and I could never let it go.

Growing up in the country is definitely going to cause that. What can I say Nashville, Tennessee is a big hit. Especially their music.

I'm not going to call my father dad because I don't think he deserves that name. But anyway Wyatt drove me to my house so I could pack all my things because he lived an hour an a half away from my home.

Truthfully I never saw myself living with him I always saw myself with my mom. But not anymore because now I'm stuck living with my father.

I have no choice in this situation but I'm going to live with him rather I like it or not.

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