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*Call for Submissions is closed* The "Become Hooked Contest 2021" is a First-Chapter competition that invites writers to submit their most compelling opening chapter of a story. There are 50 slots available - first come, first served - and an external jury will review the entries in two rounds.

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Welcome to the Become Hooked Contest 2021!

The Become Hooked Contest is a first-chapter competition that invites writers to submit their best and most compelling opening chapter.

Write to impress!

Whether agents, publishers or ‘just’ readers here on Inkitt, they all need to be convinced by your writing skills to continue reading your story. For this reason, the first chapter, from beginning to end, should be engaging and well crafted.

In other words, readers want to become hooked.

Above all, I am thrilled that an external jury is on board for this contest. I.e. your chapters will be read and reviewed by judges who have no background information on you as a writer or any other connection to Inkitt.

Since I am part of the “Inkitt family” and already know or have judged many of your stories, my involvement in this contest is more or less "limited" to the level of general supervision, overseeing and directing the submissions, as well as chairing the jury sessions and protocolling the discussions.

Only in cases where the jury seems to be ‘deadlocked’, will I offer food for thought in the hope of moving the discussion forward.

The contest is open to all. Any genre is accepted, except poetry. For chapters that contain explicitly steamy and/or brutally detailed scenes of violence, please be aware that the jury expects these passages to be relevant to the plot.

We will not accept sensationalist content!


Participants are expected to read the guidelines book of this contest thoroughly at all times! There will be an email address for questions, a forum as well as a FAQ section.

I also want you to know that this contest is the first step in my attempt to create something that I hope to pursue in the future.
They always say dream big - well, that’s what I’m doing right now.

Have fun and good luck!

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