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It all started with blood.

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I’m held back by unseen things,

I feel caged.

A little blonde girl sat huddled in the corner of a dark room; her sobs muffled by her knees as she cried into them. There was a creak as the door to the room came open, she stiffened and her breath stilled as footsteps approached her.

“Baby girl.,” a sick male voice cooed and a shudder went through her and she whimpered involuntarily.

A hand caressed her hair. “Are you scared?,” he asked and she stayed silent. His fist clenched in her hair and he tugged her head up making her wince. Emerald green eyes blazed with anger. “I asked a question baby girl, Are.You.Scared?”

“Yes daddy.”

His eyes softened and his lips pulled up in a smile, “Good, now come on daddy has visitors and they want to see my baby girl.” He slowly let go of her hair and her head dropped. “Yes daddy.”

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