Alaska: Shattered {Book 2}

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chapter 2

I found myself, at the last minute of class, biting my lip, and tapping my foot. I could tell Dustin was staring at me. I jumped up once the bell rang, and ran out of the room. Hurried Lee, I stuffed my things in my locker, and rushed out of the building.

“Wait Lass!” Dustin yelled after me.

I jogged backwards facing him.

“Can’t, I gotta hurry! I can’t be late.” I said turning around.

“To what?” He questioned.

“Bo’s!” I exclaimed over my shoulder as I ran.

As I weaved through the last few trees, I saw Bo, standing by his small, red truck. Lila had her head out the window, and barked to greet me.

“I’m here.” I huffed.

My hair was tied in a low ponytail. I carefully pulled out a tan, woven, cowgirl hat. Bo had his hair back too, and had a black cowboy hat with silver lining right before the brim. I had on show type boots, while both had steel toed on. The thick thick and leather gave it away. There was a small trailer, big enough for one horse, attached to the truck. I got into the passenger seat, as bow went to the drivers. Off we went, on a little adventure. Bo took the back roads. The flatland curved into small hills. Walls of trees send down to Meadows and Fields, that didn’t seem to end. Lila stood on my lap, her head out the open window. I tilted my head toward it more. The wind blowing my hair, but I knew why Lila loved it so much. I did too. Before I realized, oh was pulling into a long driveway. There was a paddock, and the large pasture. The beating of hooves, and horses filled the air. There were a few horses running through the pasture, but there were more, it seems, in the padlock. Patches of grass grew throughout the smaller pen, but I could only see so much from the clouds of dust. The truck stopped, and shut off. Bo and I went to the fence, as a worker came up to us.

“This them?” Bo asked, as I stepped on the bottom rung of the fence.

Lila poked her head through the wrongs, next to my feet. I watch the horses go back and forth. They were all solid colors, flashing markings, bold colors. Through small dust clouds, I watched a bold looking buckskin prance around. That’s when I saw him. A black paint, with a bear streak starting near his forelock, and ending next to his right nostril. His big, brown eyes looked like they had a blue tint to it. The freeze brand almost blended with his coat. A sloppy like circle marked around his left die. Two rectangle go like marks were right next to his cheek. It reminded me of the way Native Americans would paint their horses faces face. This mustang look like a warrior, a scarred one. He stood still as other horses ran around him, and looked at me.

“That one,” I muttered, taking the leather gloves from my pockets. Something taps against my arm, I looked down to see Bo handing me a coiled rope.

“If you want him, you catch him.” There was a certain certainty in his eyes I took the rope, and jump to the ground on the other side. I walked forward.

“You ain’t going to get that one.” The worker said. I heard a soft grout from Lila.

“Well maybe if you shut your mouth, I might show you you’re wrong.” I snapped.

I took a deep breath and walked on. Uncoiling the rope more, I swung the loop in the air, and tossed it at the paint as he stood there, almost egging me on. There was a certain determination in his eyes, showing he wasn’t going without a fight. The rope tightened around his powerful neck, and there was a sudden flash through his eyes. My impression of it was, this reminded him of something, and it wasn’t good. The Mustang’s front hooves instantly left the ground, swinging away from me, even though I was several yards away from him. I pulled back on the rope, and turned around. He drug me back. I held my head down, and slowly went forward, pulling the horse with me. My hat fell off when I was closer to the fence inside a smaller corral, but I didn’t notice. I had the weight of a train behind me. I finally reached the post that looked strong enough, and I looped the rope around it.

“By God. You caught him.” The worker mumbled. I tugged more so the horse would be closer in, and I swiftly tied a slipknot as I heard heavy hoof beats come closer.

“Alaska!” Bo growled.

I ran to the corner of the pen, just as the paint reached me. I turned around to face him, seeing more scars, and the impression of some under his coat. His eyes were on fire, and we both noticed my hat at by his feet. He slightly rows in the air, bringing his front hooves down on my hat. He stomped on the hat, then pawed at it a little. I looked at him blankly as he stopped, and looked up a little pride.

I slightly raised an eyebrow. “Ya’ done?” I asked.

Then, he reared up, eyeing me, and came down on my hat once again. I raise my eyebrow once more. “That was rhetorical.”

His front hubs raised slightly, and repeated one last time.

“Good for you.“I mumbled, walking to the gate to shut it. Another worker had let the other horses into the pasture. I walked back to the fence, and grabbed a halter to put on him. Bo backed the trailer up. It was open, along with some fencing, and I am type of paint. He ran right into the trailer. I shut him in the back section, and then shut the outer doors. I went back and grab my hat. Surprisingly the feather was still in tact. Icon the fence and stood next to bow, who watch the pate circle around the new trailer then he looked down to me.

“He ruined my hat.” I said blankly.

Bo smiled and said his hat on my head. “There you go kid." I looked up at him, and the hat slid down. The rim rested on the end of my nose and covered my face. We both laughed as we walk to the truck. As he drove down the road Bo glanced over at me. I push the hat back so I could see. “Anything you gonna call him?” he asked.


“Where do you get these names?” Bo chuckled.

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