Alaska: Shattered {Book 2}

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Chapter 3

I watch the minute hand past 12. 6:30. I wrap my fingers around the watch and glanced at Dustin.

“This was a waste of time.” I spat walking away.


“No. Dustin. I told you he wouldn’t show. I didn’t even know why I even let you talk me into this.”

“He’s your dad. Lass, you should be here when he shows.”

Any other subject I would’ve turned back around and gave him a piece of my mind, but now I just kept walking.

After school the next day I sat under the large tree behind Apache. I quickly finish my homework, then I started drying. Lilo was curled up beside me, her head on my knee as she slept. Apache grazed his ears facing me. I noticed him glancing over to me every now and then. He didn’t trust me. I didn’t blame him.

I did the same thing the next day after school. This time I kind on the fence. Distrustfully Apache watch me even more. I wasn’t going to tame him old cowboy way. I wanted his trust, not fear. I had a feeling he and I had something in common.

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