Alaska: Shattered {Book 2}

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Chapter 4

I was thankful it was Friday, as Dustin and I walked out of the school. It was when we cross the street I heard and all too familiar voice.


A chill rest up my spine causing my hair to stand on end. I can already smell the whiskey as the footsteps reached the sidewalk. My nails dug into my skin as my knuckles turned white. Something warm slowly dripped down my palm. Setting my jaw I turned to face him.

Neil.” I spat. A child service agent trailing him, making sure she was keeping her distance. “You’re late. As always.” I stated. When Neil walked forward, Dustin backed up covering his nose and coughing. The strong sickening smell of alcohol radiated off of him. Typical. It seeped off of him like a fog. I had always thought possible someone could get drunk just being near him. Neil reach toward me as if to hug me. “Don’t touch me.” I hissed.

He put his hands up as if he meant me no harm, then he put his hand in front of me. It was easy to tell he hadn’t shaved in a while since stubble lined his jaw. It also wasn’t hard to tell how he was spending his time. My scowl shifted from his hand to his face. There’s a small bump in his pocket.

“Nice to be reminded you love that flask more than you ever did me. Surprised you have a give it a ring yet. Cause goodness knows it already has a name.” I muttered blankly. “You’ve already wasted my time once. I have better things to do than stand around and talk to some drunk stranger. Need I reminded him hes supposed to be a father.”

His eyes were black with little specks of Amber making him look like a devil. He already was. I turned and went to walk away but he called after me.

“Just like your mother.” Neil chuckled. Pain ran through my hands as my nails dug deeper into my skin.

I with all my anger and a swift turn, I hardly cared that my hand now stung from connecting with his face so hard. I had always known that I’d slap that stupid smirk off his face one of these days. All the sudden I feel hands wrapped around me before I could go and strangle him. But I yelled all the same. “You don’t know a damn thing about my mother. You were too drunk to ever see that." I growled. “You should’ve died not her.”

Coughing erupted behind me as Dustin’s strong arms pulled me away from him. As he did I gave Neil one last disgusted look before I looked away. I noticed there was blood on his cheek. When I turned around angry hot tears stream down my face as I looked at my hand. Both palms were bleeding from little moon shape cuts from my fingernails.

“Why did you do that?” Dustin asked when we were far enough. Jerking out of his grip my shiny green eyes burned into his.

“You think you can be some kind of humanitarian now? If you have some sudden love for butting into other people’s shit, take it somewhere else Dustin. Stay out of matters that involve my father.” I bark leaving Dustin behind me.

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