White Beauty

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White Beauty lost her mother, Ivery, but she had a farmer who understood her, and she felt happy, but one day he died and she was taken by selfish farmers who only wanted money. Soon enough, she found a girl who had the same name as her mother, that she became very close with but then she had to leave for college. When she left, her uncle took care of her. At first, he was nice to her, but soon enough he started mistreating her and he didn't seem nice anymore. All she could do was hope.

Kalah Parker
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Chapter 1

A horse in Landcaster, PA, named White Beauty had a farmer that always took care of her.
She felt safe when she was around him, but she felt shy around other people.
She would always go looking for food and find a way to steal it without he farmer noticing.
When he did notice - he never was able to stop her.
She always gave the farmer a hard time, but she was a good horse.

When she was about 3 years old she lost her mother. The farmer understood because he had lost his wife a few years back.
He knew how hard it was, and that's what made him and White Beauty as close as they were.
They both liked each others company, but soon enough the farmer passed away.

Before she knew it - she was taken in by some horrendous farmers, who only cared about money.
They pulled her hard.
She tried to get out of it, but it was too late.
Before she knew it - she was caged in a horse trailer, hardly being able to breathe.
All she could do was hope.
But it seemed there was no hope.

. . . .

A few years later, White Beauty had grown, but she still remembered about the old farmer, and missed him.
It was hard on her all the time.
They would always smack her with a rope, and pull her as hard as they could until all she could feel was pain.
It hurt her so much - both mentally and physically.

When she thought all was lost, a girl came over to her.
The girl had hazel eyes, and light brown hair.
She felt shy at first, but went up to her.
The girl seemed sad.
She could sense the pain of the girl.
She missed that feeling.
She understood her pain, and knowing she had someone who could help her, and she could help, she felt happy.

Soon enough, the girl bought White Beauty.
The girl had the same name as her mothers, Ivery.
Over a few weeks, they were closer than ever.
The girl took care of White Beauty, and no matter what she was always there for her.
She grew closer with the girl each day, and always felt safe around her.
She knew - no matter what she wouldn't leave her side.

Before she knew it, though, Ivery was going to school, and she was sad because she missed Ivery all the time.
Ivery had to go to school every day, and it was hard on White Beauty.
White Beauty felt sad a lot, but soon enough she found a way to distract herself during the day.
White Beauty started to trot every morning and would chase the chickens.
She had a lot of fun doing it, and it would distract her all the time during the day.

Once Ivery has finished school, she started riding White Beauty.
She would ride her all the time, and it made White Beauty feel happy.
It felt so nice getting to spend more time with Ivery again and now she never felt sad anymore.
They both had so much fun together over the summer, and White Beauty didn't want it to end.

. . . .

As Ivery got older, she had to go off to college, and White Beauty had to stay with her uncle until she came back.
White Beauty waited as long as she could, but soon enough she just couldn't.
White Beauty found other ways to be happy, and soon enough she didn't think as much about Ivery.

Ivery's uncle started to treat her badly, he would swat her just like the farmers from the stable did.
She started to feel sad again, and all she wanted, was for Ivery to be there.
She didn't know how to cope anymore.
She hoped Ivery would come back - but she didn't.
Every day felt worse and worse, and before she knew it - a year had gone by.
Ivery's uncle kept treating her badly over the years, but she couldn't do anything about it.

. . . .

One day, Ivery came back.
Once Ivery knew what her uncle was doing to her, she took her with her to California.
She was finally happy again having Ivery around, and knowing that she was safe now.
Before she knew it - Ivery married and then had two kids, named Jake and Susan.
White Beauty would run around with her kids and would always have so much fun.
When they were older, they would always ride her and they would all have so much fun.

. . . .

As White Beauty got older, she couldn't do the things she used to do anymore, and she knew she was running out of time.
It hurt to know she had to leave Ivery, but she knew she would be just fine without her.
She knew Ivery had a family, and they would make her happy, even though she would probably be sad for a while once she had to leave.
Once it was time for her to be put down, Ivery did a few last things with her.
It was really nice getting to spend so much time with Ivery.
She wished she could stay in the moment forever.
She knew it was time, though.
She knew she had to go, even though she didn't want to.

Ivery felt sad with White Beauty, but soon she was able to move on.
She soon started her own business and was very successful.
She was happy now that she had moved on and she was happy knowing she might see White Beauty again one day.

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