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A young black girl grew up in her family home with all her close family until one retched day her aunt decide to marry BUT!! she married a pervert.

Other / Drama
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Chapter 1


Getting up everyday is a blessing but for me i consider it a curse. Why you may ask my lufe is a mess It's in complete shambles it wasn't always like this i can remember a time when i was happy and all smiles but that all stopped when i was 15. I started puberty when i was like 10 or so got my first period at 12 December 12 2014 five days after my birthday so you know i got a lil boob a lil shape a lil a this a lil a that plus god blessed my mom an so he blessed me. So my grandma started this new church in 2012 where we met some very nice people and some not so nice persons. So my aunt started get into the church became treasure and whatnot until she started going out with the drummer we didn't know this cause she kept it a secret cause she knew my grandma wouldn't approve reason being this guy was being prosecuted for murder although they couldn't find the evidence to prove it was him that's a major red flag. Anywho they date secretly for months going on to a year when my grandma busted them.

A/N let me know if i should continue this book or if you wanna hear the rest of the story real life story names might be different but the story's legit.
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