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Feeling punished lost confused and so lonely and encouraged by my mind life wasn't gonna get any better there for it was my time to leave my soul,My mother always said think of your little girl but unless

Melanie Rose cowen
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Chapter 1

The nurse said after my X-ray that I would receive my results in the post with in 10 days but I got a phone call 2 days later by the Doctor who examined my X-ray I was shocked as it had only been a couple of days I instantly knew there was something wrong and I was right.The doctor said my X-ray was showing a shadow on my lung and that he was sending me for a CT scan in case it could be cancer I nervously said ok Thank you for letting me know when he hung up I fell to my knees and began to think my whole body was riddled with C because of the way I'd be feeling for weeks it brought me down from the ladder to a better future drug free to feeling punished angry cheated my god because I'd prayed every night telling him how sorry I was and that I'd be strong if he give me just a little bit of faith that my life would be replaced with happiness and a better future for my little girl and me but instead I got a illness and that's the Thanks I get for trying after been abused by men my whole life used as a sex object a slave shouted at hit mentally and physically tourmented since the age of 17
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