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Two Teens

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This is my first time writing it so Plz appreciate! Thanxx

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-Characters of our story:

-Nishimura Riki
#the cute little bunny of enhypen. a crackhead and the baddest bitch you ever saw.

-Min Yi-Seo
#the little sister of her BIG brother, Min Yoongi, of BTS. A crackhead herselves. Random af. blurbs random stuff that comes out of her mouth.

-Min Yoongi
#BIG brother of her Baby sister, Yi-Seo. dont you hurt her or else, you'll be bashed by this savage, cat.

-Park Jeongseong
#the hyung of enhypen, not the eldest but still. loves to ship his little bunny with Yi-Seo. which means this character is a full time third wheeler.

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