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" It seeps pleasantly, the warmth and the kindness. Rejuvenation I called, fascination it feels. Bright and dazzling, Assuring and affirmative. Lovingly and comforting, you smile and twinkle." A journey of a person without any destination, as he waits for the unknown and uncertainty.

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Chapter 1

Start writing here…Many a time when I was alive and kicking well, I have heard about majestic things on Death. The definition of death varies with the opinion of people. Some say it’s a phenomenon of traveling of one’s soul to another body while others say it’s the beginning of the end. Death can be beautiful as well as sorrowful depending upon an individual. If we decide to embrace it with all the wonderful and awesomeness then it receives you with all its positive might. But if you decide to be it as hell then it grants you what you wish for. I have never believed that Death could be wonderful and believing in something that seems intangible was a waste of time.

The hospital feels rushed and stressed as they hurriedly stroll down my bleeding body to any vacant operation theatre. Doctors are shouting and nurses are running around. I am lost and vacant as I stand near my unconscious body. My chiseled jawline had always accentuated my youthfulness and made many turn the head of the passerby. I have always been proud of my appearance and undermine many that weren’t blessed with one.

As I observe now, the handsome is shrouded by the stench of death indifferent to those I undermined. My lips are frighteningly blue deprived of all the redness that once held dearly to it. My consciousness is drifting away as if I have been blasted by a high-speed water gun, as it swiftly floats away from my body. As this experience dominates me, the wonder every dying person speaks, I can sense it.

When I was fifteen years old, my father used to take me hiking. Being an introvert, I used to adamantly disagree with his request. But after much pleading and bribing, I used to give up and join his expedition. My father would relax and feel much happier when he was pumping his muscle to reach the summit. That was the only time when I used to feel closer to him. Although the hike used to cost my energy, the cold yet freshness of the surrounding was worth the sacrifice.

With my consciousness fluttering aimlessly, I have reached that exact summit I used to visit with my Dad. The place in my memory had many trees and novelty but as I am standing and observing everything, the trees had degraded and the fresh grasses that grew and moved to the rhythm to wind have been mowed and cut clean.

I can feel the wind circulating within me as I lay down on the grass. The birds are gently calling my name and singing their welcome song as I start to be with nature. My soul is soaring high and spreading its wings as it continued to fly higher. I wanted it to move further away from that I can become one with infinity. The thirst for freedom within was bursting with all its might that I didn’t want to turn back. I continued to proceed further to the calling of limitless when I felt a sudden pull and I was back to the hospital.

The cries and prayer still lingered in the marble-floored corridor. My body looked grotesque with every possible pipe protruding out. I gingerly touched my face feeling pathetic to the situation. I felt helpless but there was nothing I can do. As I stood beside my body expecting someone to come and cover me with warmness, but the only thing that accompanied me and my body was the empty air.

I was born in the year 1976 when the apple company came into existence. I never knew this small company would grow into a gigantic and successful company or else I would have urged my parents to invest in it. I was born into a family of businessmen where luxury and wealth are spelled before family. My dad was always away on business while my mom waltz across the rich street we lived in.

I was the only child and the responsibility of heir fell upon me. My father had always presented me in the limelight that my upbringing was unusual to the normal kids in the town. I was always taught to stand straight with confidence but to never judge or disapprove of my parent’s decisions. And as a result, my daily life included learning about the finance and economy of the world, and my shelf was compacted with stocks and investment-related newspapers. I was never allowed to run around like normal kids but spent my time with another business socialite.

There was never a time when all my family gathered for dinner. I was always served from head to toe by the servants and never taught to fend for myself. The familial love was never introduced to me and I was just a puppet living based on my parent’s strings. I was never exposed to the world apart from the company matters although I would secretly learn normal things. My life was basically a caged bird silently praying for his freedom.

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