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Chapter 2

My mom has been a beautiful woman all along. Her blonde hair was wavy and shiny. Her hair was so smooth that the rays of the sun would slide effortlessly from it. Her face was a rare art, her nose straight with the large twinkling eyes which reflected the whole of the glimmering universe. Her mouth resembled that of a rosebud that it was so plump and loveable that many admirers of her were fascinated by it. My mom was slime and fit for her age. Her confidence was a blaring fire that it would make many shun with nervousness and anxiety. And probably this was the reason why my dad fell head over heel for her.

On the opposite side, my dad was famous yet withdrawn from all the limelight. I was a replica of him. He would speak whenever necessary and he would never be able to urge him to speak if unnecessary. He was a handsome hunk too. His physique was neither too masculine nor too lean. He was just perfect for his age. But it has always made me wonder, considering his withdrawn personality how did he court my confidence-filled mom.

Growing up with them I used to be close with my dad since our personalities matched too much. I used to hang around him and despite his strictness and controlling persona. My mom on the other side was always flaunting her luxury and hanging around her rich friend. I can’t remember any intimate familial moment between me and mom. I was busy growing and grooming to be an heir whereas she was busy flaunting her wealth.

As I walk slowly through the park, the familial bonding I can see has affected me a lot. Families laying on a carpet with simple yet loving dishes are all displayed. Parents smile as their children go around cycling and playing football. I can see a couple chatting enthusiastically while their child is playing with their dog.

All my life sarcastically till date, I haven’t seen this kind of familial interaction that caught me so off guard that I had to see them more. I walked towards the family and the happiness they radiated was so true and authentic that it had me wondering how did I miss those simple yet peaceful things. I approached much closer to that particular family when her children came back with their cute little retriever.

Surprisingly the dog seems to feel my presence and began to bark towards me. Although it seems that he was barking into the air for the couple. The dog was cute that I couldn’t stop teasing him and as a result, his barking began so aggressively that he got away from his owner and came near me. The small boy seems startled as he called his dog repeatedly. I didn’t want to further frighten the family so I slowly turn away with a wave.

The experience was so enthralling that I was left awestruck. I have seen many families at parties socializing and laughing at each other but never an authentic and peaceful smile. As I see the surrounding around everyone is laughing and enjoying their moments that at one point it had me thinking am I living a good life. The family being together happily had me thinking have I ever went for a picnic with my family or have I ever made an effort to be with them.

Walking back to the hospital, the sun was setting slowly bidding goodbye to the day. The moon with its utmost elegance and glamour rose from her deep slumber and slowly made an entrance in the sky. With all those thoughts circling my mind, I wasn’t aware that I had reached the Hospital and near my Body. As usual, it seems lonely with no one around and seeing this made me wonder whether my accident has been made known to all my family. I sat near my body feeling its cold and pathetic state. Comparing to the previous night, there was some soft red tint on my cheek and looked much better than before. Sitting near it, I had that sense of longing for my family to be here although there wasn’t much love between us. I still hoped they were here and made me wonder what was taking them so much time.

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