Kassandra, The Cursed Seer

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Troy, heart of the Trojan, filled with life and bustle as people roamed through the dusty soil, ruckus filling the market. In the center of the city, stood a majestic buliding reside by King Priam and Queen Hekuba along with his concubine and his children. Somewhere within the abandon part of the palace, a heart clenching sob could be heard in the room that echoed through the halls.

Kassandra weep like there’s no end as those treacherous Vision flash in her eye and nothing she could do to stop the dreadful torture. For every moment she cursed that Man for she could only witness these vision and do nothing because of a vengeance of a spiteful God. Sitting near the window sill Kassandra watched with teary eyes at her beloved city that shine in its glory, knowing that Troy would burn and she could only stand, bear witness to the destruction to come.

Φωτιά. Σκούξιμο. Έλληνες. Θάνατος (Fire. Screaming. Greeks. Death.)

Clenching her eyes tight when a vision flash through her. Biting her rosy lips until it bleeds she snatch the nearest object within reach and hurl it across the room. Her eyes snapped open, filled with endless fury, rage, betrayal and despair- Kassandra screamed for all the worth. The sound of rush steps near her room, the door slammed open and with his glory, Helenus entered the room, worry etched on his face when he heard his sister’s scream.

“Oh, sweet Kassandra.” he said with sorrow palpable in his voice as he saw the look on his twin sister knowing that she have seen something bitter. Her chest was heaving from the rage, Helenus approach her, gently he take in her trembling figure into his arm.

Helenus still remember when He came and ruined his twin sister. Their childhood was filled with laughter and love but as they grew, gradually Kassandra begins to bloom into a beautiful young woman-- with her cleverness and beauty that have charmed many man across the land.

Then He came.

Everything changed when Apollo approach her, blessing her with the Gift of Prophecy to win her heart. He knew of the curse she bare for rejecting Apollo’s affection. Day by day Helenus watched in silent as his dear beautiful sister driven mad with her Vision as it slowly shred her sanity.

“Why...why Helenus.” she cried as he cradled Kassandra in his arm, whispering words to soothe his distress sister. Sun begins to set as the pair slump on the ground with Helenus leaning against the wall and Kassandra rest asleep in his arm- tiring herself with all the crying. He combed his finger into her lushes hair before he to yield to Morpheus’ call.

Clashing blades and swift sound of arrow filled the training arena. The siblings observed from afar as the soldiers spar. They catches a glimpse of their brother sparing with someone that looked like the General, sword clashing as the spar to win. King Priam have many sons, all of them are eager to show their worthy to him- every often they would spars and sharpen their skills. Helenus, while a skilled fighter, agrees to her demand when Kassandra said she will train him to predict and see the future.

“See I shall, belief they will not.” she mutters as the pair walk pass the ground servant bowing as they pass through. Helenus tighten his grip on her arm remembering her words before.

“He may cursed me, Helenus but He also blessed me with his Gift.” she said. “Nothing i do will change the end. Troy will burn as the Fate’s deem so.” she looked at him with empty eyes as she smile serenely.

Today she locked herself in her room- banning anyone from entering, not even her twin brother was allowed to come near. She sensed His presence when he entered her room but did not bother moving to greet Him.

Leaning against the window sill, Apollo watched the woman that rejected him, lay like a broken doll in her bed. The room was a mess from her previous tantrum as they called it. Shattered piece of broken pottery scattered around the room with pieces of broken potter, linen and draping shredded to piece.

“How could i help you, Lord Apollo?” from her bed, Kassandra pushed herself up, staring at Him with lidded eye, her brown orbs gleam with endless visions. Startled, Apollo was sure that she will dismiss him again like always, but what made her change her mind? He can never understand the mind of a women and probably never will.

Παρίσι μπαίνει Τροία και ακούει ο τροχός της Μοίρας περιστροφές. (Paris enters Troy and she hears the Wheel of Fate spins.)

“Troy will burn-- but I will never stop to save our bloodline.” Kassandra mummers with hooded eye staring at the young man that just entered the arena, crowds roar and cheer wildly as the fight between the warrior start off. Turning towards Helenus, she cupped his cheeks sharp nails digging into his flesh, forcing down his face to level hers.

“The moment Paris set his foot onto Sparta, our Fate is sealed. The moment Helen step out of Sparta, Troy will burn but you-- YOU will live.” Kassandra whispered to him. Her dark brown eyes glowing with gold flecks that swirls with endless vision gazed penetrating deep into his soul that made him feel conscious.

“YOU would gladly betray Troy-- for your pride.” Kassandra snarled, teeth bared as her nails digs deeper into his flesh enough to make him wince. “Kassandra...” he stammered eyes wide staring his twin in disbelief. What she just utter was outrageous not to mention treason. Luckily no one heard her, to engrossed with the fight-- or she would be punished or worse execute if the King hears of it.

“Please Helenus... when the time come, your survival the foremost matter than anything else.” she tighten her grip on his toga, madness creep into her eyes as the the golden glow in her eye intensify. Helenus tensed when he sees the look in her eyes, sensing that Kassandra was losing herself against the curse. Without waiting he scoop her up and rush away from any listener-- leaving the arena taking her deeper into desolated area.

Παρίσι εστάλη στη Σπάρτη ένας αγγελιοφόρος και ο ίδιος φέρει πίσω μια γυναίκα, Helen-- και ο πόλεμος αρχίζει.

(Paris was sent to Sparta as a messenger and he bring back a women, Helen-- and the war begins.)

The moment Paris grasp her arms, taking Helen out of Sparta, Kassandra could hear the beating drum of war. She could see bloodshed shadowing Helen of Sparta with every step she took. She could hear the thundering march of the army. Oh how she begged them to never step a foot in Sparta, but her brothers are stubborn, and they bring back the one to destroy Troy.

Kassandra eyes glued at the towering figure of the Trojan Horse. Her brown orbs darken with every moment it approach her. Ignoring the cheers and celebration, she glance sideways scanning the happy and excited faces of her family. Unseen by others, Kassandra shed a tear before she quickly wipe it away. Quietly she creep out from the dais, searching for something to burn that wretched horse. When she found a torch she makes her was through the crowd.

Θα την σταματήσει, αυτή knew-- είχε δει. (They will stop her, she knew-- she had seen it.)

Ήρθε η ώρα. (The time has come.)

Fire spread out through the city, burning the houses as people scream in fright as the Greeks begins their slaughtering. In her room Kassandra, dressed with the fines silk, adorn with the gleaming jewels and gemstone, stand tall like a Princess she is, -- waiting for the Greek to come, ignoring the chaos and madness as the servants rush for safety. Fingers clenched tight as she See’s through the Vision.

“I will not let it happen. They will never touch me!” she said her ashen face filled with determination, mouth set in grim line . In her sleeve, she grip the hidden dagger, ready to be used in any second. The door smash open with such force. Even with her back facing the door Kassandra aware who it was.

Heavy stride sauntered into the room. She turn toward the man knowing that this will be her last moments, she greets him with a smiled, but her cold empty eyes halt him in his spot. "You have angered Lady Athena, Ajax the Lesser; son of Oileus." she said. Brows furrowed in confusion as he tried to decipher the words he walk towards her.

Before he Ajax could touch her, swiftly she pulls out the hidden dagger and slit her throat before he could stop her. He was too slow to and Kassandra of Troy died in her blood as Troy burns.

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