A dog is a person's greatest friend

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"I pass through that path everyday. Going there was an important task for me. And every time ...."

Ishika Datta
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A dog is a person's greatest friend

I pass through that path everyday. I worked in an ice cream store. Going there was a important task for me. I carried food with me everyday knowing that my little friend, Milo would be waiting for me. I couldn’t adopt him because of certain problems. I know him from the day he was born. He was extremely cute and I named him ‘Milo’ and since then we have been meeting everyday after my job and been the best of friends.

The place where Milo lived was near my apartment and there were a lot of trees all around the place. This often felt like jungle. Many people living in here has complained about the darkness and the forest feeling. Once, an old lady had also complained about wild animals and hence the security guard always advised us not to stay outdoors late at night because this area was scary and kind of haunted.

One fine day, during my work, a poor child came inside the shop. I felt bad for him and gave him some ice cream and as soon as I got free from my shift, I took the child to a restaurant for some food. I was returning back to my apartment after a long tiring day but I felt happy that I could help that child. While I was thinking random stuffs and walking towards my home, I completely forgot about what the guard had advised us. I recollected what they said I started looking here and there since I didn’t even have any transport with me. Soon, I saw four white dog-like figures which soon turned black when they started approaching towards me very quickly. In the next minute, I understood that I was in big problem and this may even be the cause of my death. They weren’t dogs but were jackals.

I started panicking, I mean who wouldn’t in this situation. So I slowly turned my back towards them, but how stupid of me thinking that they would go away. I felt their presence behind me and screamed loudly for help and out of nowhere, my Milo came running to me and started . Milo was short compared to the jackals, so he obviously struggled fighting with the jackals. While he fought two of them, I screamed on top of my lungs for help. The guards came running and rescued me, but during this, the other two jackals successfully killed Milo, my one and only loyal friend. I wish I could kill those jackals, but what can I do.. That is their nature.

I was saved but my friend left me. I miss him everyday because I am alive due to him. He gave away his life just to save me and proved that a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.


I owe him my life...

Do you think a person would do such an act of kindness?

I myself admit that I would have thought thrice before doing this!

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