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Being Friends With The Bad Boys

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Starlight is the quite kid that doesn't communicate with anyone. She has parents that are always on business trips leaving her behind. It's her last year in high school and still she doesn't talk to anyone. What will she do when the new students try to approach her . What will they find about her. Read to find out

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Chapter 1- introducing me

Welp it's the end of summer which means back to shcool... "Yay", note the sarcasm.
It's not like anything is gonna change I'll get through this year alone like the times as well. I've come to face the fact that I don't need friends cause in the end they will betray you no matter what you do for them, just like August Millers.
The fakest b*ich out there. We were the best of friends in middle school but as soon as high school high left me.
Am I mad, at first I was but then I was like " hey no one stays loyal forever. This just shows and proves my point.

But hey bother me like I'm a nerd getting bullied and she has to follow in persuite doing it to, in fact no one bothers me. I'm what you would call the quite kid and no not the one from the love on tik tok where they can kill you or bring weapons to school, t Hough I can hurt you but no one knows that.
I know karate sue me.
No one actually no es what I look like except August but then again it has been 4 years since we last talked or were friends soooo she probably doesn't remember what I look like either and that's fine she doesn't need to know, no one does.
The only ones the do know my face are the teachers, staff, and principle. They let me wear my hoodies during school cause of who my family is. Yea I come from a wealthy familiy with parents who are always on business trips.

Hey when business calls what can you do right.

BecUse of this though I don't get to see them much but when I do we have a good time plus I get to face time them.
My father is CEO of a very large company while my mother is a lawyer so yea we make a lot of money but I don't really care about it like others would. As long as I got a roof over my head food in my stomach and clothes on my body I'm good. But yea that's me Starlight Johanson.
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