Feelings of the Fallen

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When two souls from two different worlds meet, and two powerful beings clash, who will stand for those in the crossfire? An angel stripped of his wings cannot return to Heaven. An angel in a relationship with a demon cannot redeem himself. When Leo gets caught in the forbidden room, God cast's him from Heaven. He finds unexpected comfort with a demon, old friends, and new enemies. However, he must choose a side when the embodiment of good and evil begin a war in the human realm.

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One, A Breath of Fresh Air

Leo felt His large hand wrap around his wings, His anger evident as He spoke. “You have disappointed me, boy,” He said as He held the boy up by his wings.

He squeezed, causing Leo to thrash about. His screams of agony did not go unheard by the other angels. He snapped the small boy’s wings, separating them from his body. Leo was silent until he hit the ground, letting out a blaring cry.

“Rid me of this burden. Cast him out,” He ordered. Two other angels nodded, grabbing Leo by the arms and dragging him away.

Leo stared off into space as he was dragged, his mind blank. His wings. His oh so beautiful wings were gone. He felt the two angels stop, and he didn’t even have to look to know where he was.

The edge.

Leo was pulled to his feet, his eyes glued to the void below. It was usually him to push them off but now look at him. The boy looked up, his eyes widening at the sight of Him. He never came to see these. Why was He there? Leo didn’t have time to think about it as he saw Him wave His hand, telling the angels to release him. His eyes went wide as he felt the ground beneath him disappear. His long, blonde hair flowed behind him as he plummeted towards whatever was down there. Hell? He didn’t know. After all, no one had ever been welcomed back to Heaven once they were banished.


What was that? Something inside of him seemed to start… beating. Cold air filled his lungs, his eyes going wide. What was this!? What was happening to him!? It was cold. Cold? Why was it cold!? His halo was supposed to keep him warm! Where was it!? Was this how angels died!? Was he going to die!? All he did was look! He didn’t deserve this! He didn’t want to die!

He hit the ground with a crash. Was he dead? He opened his tightly shut eyes, still unsure about the strange thumping in his chest and the air filling his lungs before leaving them. Where was he? All he could see is that it was dirty and dark.

There was a strange buzzing sound somewhere near him. He looked around, seeing some form of light. The light spelled out something. He looked closer, seeing the words ‘Girls Girls Girls!’ flashing in red light. He sat up, his back bloody from the broken wings. He turned around, hearing people walking just beyond the alleyway he was in. Wait. Someone was coming. He had to hide. If this was hell, it was sure to be a demon!

“Hello? Is someone there?” a voice called out. It was deeper than his own, sounding much like how a young demon would.

Leo was hiding behind some large metal bins. He peeked out from being them, seeing someone with short black hair and grey eyes. The person was tall, wearing a black hoodie and matching pants. Who was that? Were they a demon? Would they hurt him?

“I know you’re here, I heard you,” they spoke softly. Leo pulled himself back behind the bins, covering his mouth in order to keep himself quiet. The strange feeling of air felt loud enough along with the beating in his chest.

The person walked over to the bins, looking down at Leo. His dirty white cloak covered his face as he sat there, unaware that he had been found. He was also unaware that he had stopped letting the air in. What was that called? He didn’t know, but that was the least of his concerns. He looked up, letting out a yelp and backing himself against the wall. He winced at the feeling of the wall hitting his wings- or rather where his wings used to be.

“Hey, calm down. I won’t hurt you. Come out,” they said, crouching down to Leo’s level. They held out their hand, allowing Leo to help himself up if he needed to. “My name’s Shi, what about you?”

Leo said nothing, suddenly feeling fatigued. He kept his hood over his face and his hand over his mouth. He swayed for a moment before his head fell forward and his vision went dark.


Leo rolled over, feeling something soft draped over him. His eyes were closed, but he was awake. Was all that just a dream? Was he still in Heaven?

He sat up, feeling a sharp pain in his back. Oh no. No, no, no! He felt at his chest.


His eyes shot open, feeling air once again fill his chest. He looked down, seeing that his cloak was gone, and bandages were wrapped around his chest. Where was he? It looked like a room, but it wasn’t his. Leo scooted himself over to the edge of the bed, his posture slouched and his hand over his chest again.

He couldn’t figure out what the beating was, nor could he figure out why he was sucking in air every other second. He stared at the ground, a puzzled look on his face. Said expression turned into one of fear at the sound of the door closing.

“Oh, you’re awake. How do you feel? You stopped breathing when I found you,” the person, Shi, said, a towel on his head. “You’re lucky I found you, too. Any longer with those wounds on your back and you would have bled out.”

Leo stood up, trying his best to ignore the pain in his back as he bowed. “Thank you very much, sir.”

Shi chuckled, walking over to a wardrobe. “No need for that, kid,” he opened the doors, looking through some clothes. “Here, it isn’t much but It’s something,” he tossed a grey shirt with a hood to Leo, putting on the same black one from the night before. “Where did you come from? Do you remember?”

Leo stood up straight, catching the piece of clothing and looking down at it. “I-” what was he supposed to say? Oh, I’m just an angel that was banished by God? No! “I don’t know,” he said, looking back up at Shi.

“You don’t know? Well, you can stay here as long as you need,” he smiled, tossing the towel into a basket in the corner. “Go ahead and put that on,” Shi motioned towards the hoodie in Leo’s hands.

Leo had folded the hoodie already, holding it in front of him. He looked up at Shi when he was told to put the hoodie on. “Oh, yes sir,” he nodded, doing as he was told. It was a bit big on him, but he was just small. He folded his hands behind his back, looking at the ground below him. “Uh- I know it isn’t my room to speak, sir, but why did you help me...?”

Shi looked down at Leo, a confused look on his face. “What do you mean ‘why?' Was it wrong of me to help someone in your state?” he sat on the bed, tilting his head. His raven hair covering some of his face as he did so.

Leo looked down at the other, thinking about his response for a moment. “Well, not everyone would just pick up someone that was as injured as I was from what I’ve seen.”

“From what you’ve seen? What have you seen?” Shi ran a hand through his hair, seemingly waiting for Leo’s answer.

Leo stood for a second, thinking about what to say. He had to be careful with what he said. If he wasn’t, who knew what would happen. He just shook his head, his eyes falling to the ground. He always looked away when he wasn’t saying something.

Shi watched him for a moment before shrugging. “Well, alright then. I need to go to work, so just stay here. I wouldn’t want you getting hurt again because I left you here,” He stood up, walking over to the door. “Oh, and before I forget, what’s your name? You never told me yesterday.”

Leo looked up, facing the taller male. “Leo. My name is Leo.”

Shi nodded, opening the door. “Well then, Leo, I’m off,” and with that, he closed the door, leaving Leo alone in the small room.

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