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Nature: A Gift to be Loved, Not Noticed

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Hope ya'll like this, it's my first story. Nature is like a present. However, that present was opened a long time ago. People kept coming to check out the gift until there were too many. Currently, the present is being ripped to shreds, and if we don't do something there will be no more traces to follow and fix this. We are ridding nature of its home, when it itself is ours.

Hareem Akhtar
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Chapter 1

Nature is like that one present sitting in a random spot. Of course, we’re curious. It’s attracting our attention. We open it and are deeply fascinated. But, another person comes, wants to see what’s inside. Then more people arrive. So many until the present box itself has been scratched and torn to shreds, not leaving any trace of the enigma inside. Soon, there’ll be nothing left, No green gift wrapper, no red ribbon. Before it’s all gone, we need to retrace ourselves and figure out how to get back all the pieces. Have you ever thought of nature from a different perspective than it just being around us? Nature isn’t given to be noticed, it’s something to be cherished and loved by those around it, which in this case, is humans. We dominate the world, so why forget the thing that brought us to life? But do we really ever think about how much it has helped us and every single bit of life on earth? Think of nature as many stars which somehow connect- and form an unimaginable force controlling the world yet keeping it stable.

Everyone has their own idea of where we came from, some thinking we evolved from past creatures or some thinking we were brought by god. But everyone knows nature has been here from way before when the world began. It has somehow thrived itself further and further in time, which currently is being overcome by us and our meddling. Should we really be destroying what has pushed every bit of life through till now? Till this very moment, the second you’re reading this, nature is being forgotten, the purpose being knocked down with regret, the regret of letting us thrive, letting us use its resources. Pretty soon, there’ll be none of it. And then we’ll be struggling, gasping for air, longing for water, for anything to help us live. But then we’ll sit down with guilt, thinking about the past, when we have wiped out our future. And I’m not only talking about us, think of every other living thing on the planet, which couldn’t survive because of just one dominant species- us. We are the cause of this. We are the reason why nature is being tortured, regretting helping us. And we are the invasive species right now, eating whatever we want, burning whatever we want, and killing whatever we want, which includes nature itself.

The bright side of things is that we can fix this, and I mean it. We can distinguish a new future for our planet, only if we look ahead and become aware of what’s next if not us. One of the largest problems we’re causing is ridding nature of its home, when it’s a home itself for all living things, including us. The thing is, nothing will ever change if only I know about it. Awareness is so important, if anything needs to be solved, everyone needs to know about the issue first, in order to solve it. I think people need to know nature first, from a good perspective. Then will come the time when we realize what is wrong and what are the ways to resolve this. Nature is so intriguing, it is full of mysteries and hidden treasures. Think of it as a present, it looks appealing but you never know what will be inside. All you see from the outside is something you want to open. This resembles my love for nature, because not only is it intriguing, all the imperfections make nature seem even more alive, just like us. Just like whenever you meet a person you like, it’s their uniqueness that makes you affectionate about them. That’s another reason why nature should be loved, it resembles humans, so it’s easier to understand from all perspectives.

Understanding nature is very important. If you just look at it one way, you’ll end up with a different view of it, and therefore have a different mindset. That’s why looking at a different perspective helps. It will cause everyone to have somewhat of the same idea. I just believe that nature is something so precious, so complicated, just like a human being, that’s why I think it’s easy to understand. After all, we ourselves are humans. But, now that you’re reading this, it brings a new perspective of nature to you. That’s what humanity needs to solve this. A new perspective. Imagine nature as a person. I need to keep on repeating that. Many people just use one perspective, which is appearance. If a person’s wearing some very old clothes, you will presume them as a poor person with a depressed life. Admit it. I’m right, aren’t I? But who knows they might have something life-changing that’s occurring at that very moment. You need to have the right way to look at things. They might be needing help, and are barely above the surface. Just like nature. What you see is just some boring old plants growing normally, animals running around. But that’s just the outside. Species are going extinct. Plants we need can’t grow because of our wants. Animal homes are being taken away and they are struggling to live. How would we live if our homes would be ripped away, leaving no place for us to survive? The one thing we lack. We don’t have any empathy. But then again, we’ve never been through the things nature has. We can at least have sympathy. Put ourselves in the place of nature, and think. After all, nature is a person. All we do is notice nature. We think it’s supposed to be seen as everything else in the world. But do we know it’s given to be loved? We say, “It’s just something that’s everywhere. It’s a normal piece of our lives that’s resting everywhere we look. Nothing special.” Well, if nature is considered “normal”, that’s like saying a person who’s gone through excessive trauma will live a happily ever after. Nature should not be classified as something normal. Many beautiful mysteries lie beneath the surface. We just need to embrace nature as if it was a person. We’ve noticed it time and time again, since the beginning of our world. But do we really embrace it? Think and share the never-ending qualities which make its true purpose shine? We used to even show some decent behaviour towards it. But now, we destroy it just for our wants. We never take a second to think about what nature is going through because of our desperate motives which, in fact, don’t even remotely help our true purpose as human beings. We are required to do what we need for survival, but when something bigger needs our help, wants should be pushed aside. Look at it this way, we NEED nature, but how will those needs be fulfilled when we’re using nature for our useless wants?

The glorious network of intricacies. Nature. Living for more than 8 billion years, and still alive. But being tortured by the number one dominant species. Us. It’s time for things to change. Nature is truly a magnificent gift. But how can it be loved and cherished when all we do is graze our eyes over it and keep walking? That’s it. Think about it. And remember, nature isn’t here to be noticed. It’s a human that needs to be loved. Cherish the memories and be grateful we have time to turn back and fix this.

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