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This is a real account of my relationship with duality in the world and God's love and peace mission. For light workers, darkwatchers empaths and people who need to believe in creator.If I portray a monster then I am that. If I believe in my angels not anger and not angles, what is the image you see in you people. Was September 1 2001 my own doings? I don't think so buddy. Why do you dispute the hand of God that I saw. You aren't God I'm not God but he talks to me and through us so you should pay attention.

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Chapter 1

It seems like I don't care when really, I do. My faith in God is not contingent on what society thinks God is. Nor are my medium abilities controllable at this time. God is even more powerful than the most powerful being. He can let any one do anything. Our brains are very powerful. We should be thankful more and less hateful. We should all look to one another for guidance not separation because of God. God should be bringing Joyous time. God is not punishing but loving, kind, gentle and caring. He loves us. We are destroying each other with hate and bigotry. Instead of brotherhood and sisterhood uniting, we are fighting over sets and colors. All be it wonderful to be territorial when we are all fighting the same battle. Which we are all together in this. Humanity? In this consciousness, this day are we not humans striving to achieve humanity? At its utmost high respect and honor to fellow man/woman/child? We are fighting each other and we need to come together as you would to help family. The time in near to be helpful to one another and become one unstoppable species. GOD is not a religion or person or a known physical being. He is the creator of all things. ALL THINGS EVEN JESUS AND BEFORE THAT. BEFORE HUMANS, before anything there had to be something that made everything right? That's what every miracle has ever been about, his promise to love us. People get greedy and discontent with the way things are if they aren't controlling or making something, like more people. Law. What is law an acronym for? I can only imagine. how am I so in tune and literally, involved with no knowledge until now? Im glad you prayed for me King DAVID. Yavid.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. It had to be you praying because how else would I have ever figured this out. I saw hands take the moon in May. I watched a large deity appear in a cloud in the southern night sky. His head was shaped like that of a horned winged lycan. With every breath I took, he got larger. To the north in the I saw what looked like the death of a man in the sky. I saw his face gasping for air. Struggle and it looked like I saw him die. In the sky. Was the deity, this large figure killing him!?After about 5 minutes of this I was frozen. It was like my legs were strapped to the earth up through my feet. I watched the full moon darken as two hands appeared to take hold of it as if it were a marble. It was as if God himself grabbed the moon and used it as a crystal ball. I never saw anything more frightening in all of my life. All I could do was watch and praise God and tremble. I felt like child. I was torn between wishing that was my time and thankful for my every breath. I'm not really sure what happened that night. But it reminded me that we are ants.
Thank you if you pray for me. I pray for you too. And everyone else praying for me, I need it because I am afflicted. In spite of self sabotaging struggles. I am happy for the opportunity to be able to write this. It seems someone could get it by now and i haven't sent or shared but ....something is always with me and watching /reporting . and I'm ok with it. As long as my brothers and sisters are and blessed in this world.
I hope God's light is being shared, seen or guiding along this path alongside darkness. God/creator makes it all so embrace his light.
I praise you oh Heavenly Father. Hallowed be thy name. Take me in to the holy of holies take me in by the blood of the lamb. Let me do what you require through love and faith. Allow your blessings not your wrath.
Because I know your wrath. I remember.
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