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Girl Child (Short Story By Chinmayee Mohanty)

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A story about the deep rooted patriarchal beliefs instilled in the society and how it affects the women of the society.

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Girl Child

Mr and Mrs Sharma had two daughters and one son. But they both loved and cared too much for their son and neglected their daughters only for the orthodox reason that they were born as girls. Since the beginning they were clearly partial to their beloved son did not even try to hide it which scarred the daughters emotionally. But the daughters never stood up for themselves and bore the unfair treatment by their parents . Mr and Mrs Sharma provided the best of everything be it education basic necessities to their son. They sent their son to an elite public school while the daughters to a government school.

Their daughters tried to make the best of everything and completed their education and started working. After their marriage they were living happily with their families. One day when the daughters visited their parents, the appalling treatment they received was deeply scarring since their own families also had to see them at their worst. This was an eye opener and they swore they would never return cutting all ties with their own parents.
Meanwhile Rohit after the completion of his education got a job in a well reputed company as a software engineer. He fell in love with Dyna who was working in the same company and eventually got married. At first everything was like dream and they were happy with the their parents. Gradually as time passes and reality set in, they felt choked by Mr and Mrs Sharma and it felt like a burden.
They felt ashamed of them when their friends visited only for the reason that they were not living in a high class society. One day Rohit told his parents that he wanted to stay where his friends were staying. This shocked Mr and Mrs Sharma to the core . They didn't oppose the idea though the felt restless about it.
Rohit and Dyna shifted to their own house where they were happy and relieved. Dyna gave birth to two healthy sons which brought joy and laughter into their lives. Mr and Mrs Sharma felt lonely due to old age. They also didn't contact their daughters. Rohit did not make call to his parents for years . Mrs Sharma suffered was diagnosed with last stage stomach cancer and passed away. When Rohit came to know about his mother's death he and his family came for the cremation and to perform the last rites of the dead.

Mr Sharma asked his son if he could take him as well as he was too lonely and grieved to live in that house. Without any second thoughts, Rohit refused his father coldly and advised him to stay in an old-age centre. Rohit acted upon his word . He took his father to an old-age centre and left him with a life of loneliness and regret. He returned to his home with his family.
Mr Sharma was crushed into pieces and he realised his wrongdoing against his daughters . One day when the daughters came to know about their father' s situation they felt ashamed of it and felt very sad of their mother's death . Both the daughters visited the old-age centre and asked him to come and stay with them. Mr Sharma being filled with regret accepted his daughters' offer and stayed with them.
The events of his life made him realise that his beliefs were wrong and the people who bore the consequences were his own daughters. It was time for him to own up to his mistakes. He realised that there is no difference between a son and a daughter.

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