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Her Truth

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There's always something hidden behind her whiskey.....

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Her Truth

Herman is still sitting on the coach like a beautiful bride waiting for her groom. Seeing her like this melts my heart even more. She's drank and wasted but all I can see through her eyes is all her innocent soul. As I was standing and staring at her she started to talk so I sat in the chair that I got in front of her.

[ ] Herman : hey willy why is that most people's nowadays don't have a value for good things???...umm I totally don't get it. Sometimes I wished if I weren't living in this generation. Because today I was talking to one of my clients from work. As a psychiatric I'm so confused for what he told me. Here's the thing his name is Luk and this man has been married to his wife for over 8years and he always has loved his wife from the very bottom of his heart. Yes somedays there's fight between them but it's just small ones. And I even know how much he adored his lady. He even worshiped her not godly as his queen. So everytime he take her to states, he buys her every expensive gifts, he's always there for her. She's his first priority. The care and the love is beyond. I sometimes even wished if he was my man. Then one day out of the blue he told me they got their divorce I was so shocked. I asked him why?? then he said with that low voice of him that she told him he's not good because he's too good. Luk has always been the best husband. The problem is that she took all his goodness for his weakness, so the fact that he's loyal and caring man he is made her insecure, so she left because of his good heart. This is all you see willy some peoples are ungrateful. The fact that peoples couldn't value all your good things won't make u blamed for it.

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