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They path you chose on your journey

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There so many paths you can chose in life you can live in in moment or give up you have to train mind to focus on what you want and just live it and never give up

Sophie Hearn
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As I got older

They days and night went quick months pass by they struggle they strength in my body pushed on I had grow up fast as everyone was looking up to me I was helping out a lot at home it was stressful with high school studying for my end year exam I was lucky if I was giong pass.
They day off my exams I was struggle to write on they paper time was giong fast so bad answer questions quick as I could.
It had came to end off high school.

Summer holiday had came they days went fast I was hanging out with friends and helping out alot at home as my dad was struggling I had to learn to clean and cook dinner it was struggle but I made it three summer holiday

I was 15 years old at they time it was time for big school now were I had to study hard in maths,English,science I was studying everyday didn’t have any friends I was bullied alot I didn’t fit inwell I was getting into a lot trouble.

But I some how finished they school year with good grades and whent straight into college and study animal care somethink that kept me focus I was studying hard I was happy laughing with new people .

I felt safe while in college it somewere I could excape from my family and study and get great grades and have fun aswell I loved animals I was getting older I had finished level 2 animal care but because off covid I had to study at home it was hard to fit in they time.
Sadly I didn’t pass maths because off covid but passed all my other course work with struggle then I was thinking taken level 3 animal care but then my mental health strike me .

That when life change I had to stop and I had to give up what I love because I couldn’t leave house without feeling dizzy and unwell I thought was ear infection but nope it was anxiety and depression.
I whent into doctors were they had diagnosed me with high risk anxiety they prescribed me medication I was sick when first take it then took for few days then stopped taken it .

This is when I began to feel very poorly I couldn’t eat I couldn’t move I was getting hot then cold my weight when down to the 4 stone I was very skinny I had eaten disorder it was a battle and had start my medication agian I was sleepy tired .
I had no support or help by any friends or family I started to get better I started eaten then I met a friend who change my life for few months then started to get sick agian I stopped eaten I stoppped asking for help I closed myself off from people then lost one good thing in my life I was told put myself first.

I cryed for days I try killing myself 45 times then I stopped and started to put on weight and began put myself first I did it alone got myself a stable job and I worked hard for days and never ever gave up I lived in moment.

And I would have up down days put allways had smile and pushed on because I survived alot these past few years and I will never ever give up .

Hi my name Sophie I’m 20 years old this is a true story I lost my mum when I was 12 I didn’t full accept tell now so don’t ever give up on life mental health matters ask for help don’t do it alone they are support services out there .
Life is allways changing I have learnt to never give up and never ever hate myself or blame myself this is part off my story I’m sharing awareness off mental health don’t struggle alone allways open up about your feelings and your health .

Live life in moment and push yourself to limit and never ever look back look forward and be proud.
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