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Perfect Harmony

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it just my thoughts

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My thoughts

I sometimes feel like I’m locked in a cardboard box and looking at everyone I love walking away from me. I try to scream for help but no one hears me. It’s almost like they are oblivious. What do I do? How do I get out? Is this how I will see my life forever? Trapped in a lonely box watching people come and go while I stay imperceptible in this place we call life. I want to escape this box so bad that I will do anything. This means I start to think of appalling solutions to this dreadful problem. I then think of something I never thought of before… just listening. I close my eyes and begin to focus on anything that resonates. I begin to hear the sirens of a police car, the stomps of someone walking down the street, the tweeting of a bird in a tree, the enchanting laughter from a happy baby, the notes being produced by a wonderful violin. I begin to cry from this new revelation I have just discovered. Everything begins to come together in perfect harmony to make this colossal size orchestra playing just for me. I open my eyes to see people around me and no more restrictions of a box. I begin to realize all I had to do was listen and everything would come together… In perfect harmony.

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