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Good Girl, Bad Boy

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I don't even know how to describe the plot of this fuckin' book anymore -- it's a good book and a Rio fanfic -- read or leave -- also follow me . Rankings (Wattpad): #11 amethyst out of 3.9k stories #5 goodgirls out of 1.2k stories #10 moms out of 1.5k stories #6 steal out of 938 stories #395 money out of 38.1k stories #333 danger out of 29.2k stories #172 gangster out of 14.9k stories #20 rio out of 1.2k stories #1 boland out of 14 stories #5 rubyhill out of 48 stories #12 anniemarks out of 58 stories

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Beth p.o.v;

“I just robbed a grocery store...” I sat on my couch, reflecting.

“Yes...” Annie said hesitantly.

Ruby was panting uncontrollably, she had always been such a saint and this was probably the first and only crime she’s ever committed.

“Did we just do that?” She panted aloud.

“Yeah- yeah we did.” I pushed myself off the couch and into the kitchen, where tons of bags sat. Filled with money.

Annie brushed past me and began dumping the money out on the table.

Loads of it. Way more than we intended to steal.

“Did you count it?” I asked Annie.

“Yeah. 5 times..”

“How much is it?” Ruby asked.

“Half a million..” Annie stood there.

“Oh. My. God.” Ruby panted, “500 grand? I thought you said 30.” She nearly lost her breath.

“Yeah. I said 30, give or take! I guess it was give.” Annie nodded, sighing.

“What do we do?”

“Split it 3 ways.” I suggested, still questioning myself.

“It won’t be even..”

“How about we each get 100 grand then leave the remaining 2 for later.” Annie suggested.

“Good idea.” Ruby quickly agreed.

“Alright.. everyone grab 100 grand.”

Ruby and I rushed over to the table, grabbing our 100 and Annie grabbed hers.

“See you sistas later.” Ruby said, putting her bit in her purse, walking out the door.

“Bye sis.” Annie hugged me, putting her bit in her pocket, trying to hide it.

“Bye.” I gave a soft smile before putting my 100 grand aside, packing the rest into bags.

* The next day *

I started my morning early, planning on paying mortgage, getting new groceries and many other things.

I walked downstairs, yawning, about to start breakfast for the kids.

I called for Dean, hoping he could help me with breakfast.


A husky voice replied, it definitely wasn’t Dean’s.

“He’s not here, sweetheart.”

I walked into the kitchen and an unfamiliar man slid off the counter smoothly, walking over to me.

“Who are you?” I questioned.

“Ahh.. that don’t matter, what matters is, I want my money.. so go ahead and call your lady friends over .. so we can have a little talk.” He backed away then turned around, heading for the door.

The 2 men that were standing in the kitchen followed behind him. I have to call Amethyst..


Hello, Inkitt readers! This is a fanfiction book! Copied from my Wattpad account, if you would like to support me on Wattpad, here’s my account:


If you go to my Wattpad, this story will make a lot more sense!

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