Beautiful scars

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Mental health has become a buzz of late , with the world changing more and more people are finding themselves alone , locked away to the outside world and it is more them than they could have ever realized . being part of the trio doesn't make you any less popular, dear special you You are enough wait more than enough why because you are you What if we all could see the beauty of our scars ?

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A few words from the writer

lets be honest with each other we all have demons or skeletons you name it in our closets but what matters is how we deal with them Did you know that there are more broken people in the world right now than you can imagine , there is no need to be ashamed of them (demons) rather they are your past it is where you are going that matters ,l know just as am not proud of my demons you clearly aren’t proud of yours so what do we do ? do we just give up and stop trying HELL NO we keep trying ″ fall down seven times get up eight″ Japanese proverb

What if we could only see the beauty of our scars ?

Just a second before we go any further please allow me to tell you that l believe the greatest thing that could ever happen to this world is the fact that you were born

You do not have to wait for someone
To appreciate you
Make you happy
Love you

The fact that you are you is enough
It can even take you to unimaginable heights
Come on be confident of who you are
Be proud of the person you are so flawless and perfect in your own eyes
Love yourself 😘 more even if it means being a little selfish
Its okay to be selfish with yourself at times
P.S. its not a crime putting yourself first

I don’t have friends. no one wants to hang with me wait ...have you ever thought the possibility of you being of a superior standard than them
They don’t deserve your time because its too precious
When you are alone in that corner eating your lunch just let that small voice tell you YOU ARE PHENOMENAL
That lily in the valley in the process of blossoming
Don’t worry they will stand astonished one day admiring the beauty of the lily (you)😊

No Stop whining 😡
pitying yourself
Get your act together
rise like a phoenix
Go out there
Leave by your own rules
Show them YOU
that raw You

Come on you are much special than what you may think

A lil note for you

Oh goodness me l always get lost whenever l sit down to write mind me , l won’t bore you by introducing myself but hope we will know each other from today going onwards but l want you to keep one thing in mind as you go through this piece of writing am not a professional writer but am just someone who is driven with passion for writing and serving so let me express my gratitude to you special person firstly thank you for deciding to join me on this journey am embarking on hope you find whatever l will be sharing helpful am humbled truly.

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