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Misconception ( Short Story By Chinmayee Mohanty)

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We shouldn't judge anyone without knowing the real fact

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Anna, a very kind hearted and lovely girl was missing her father too much who had left this world. After finishing school she was doing graduation. On the first day of college all her mates were happy but Anna was too sad remembering her father so she couldn't socialize with others. Her friends misunderstood her and thought she had too much of an ego not to talk to them.
Some days passed but she still wasn't able to mix in. Her friends mocked and teased her but she didn't reveal anything to them. One day one of her friends sneakily took her phone only to laugh at her when she saw her status "father's daughter" and told others. They together laughed and mocked her. At this point Anna couldn't control herself and broke down. Seeing this all friends felt pity and were ashamed of their behaviour. They hadn't imagined that Anna would cry. They tried to console her and asked her the reason she cried. They were in fact just joking around and didn't mean to hurt her.
Anna was too sentimental and narrated the whole incident. She was the only daughter of her father who loved her a lot. She was everything for her father. Her father spent most of his time with her and they both were enjoying life spending it happily. One day when Anna was in class 10, her father's leg was swollen. He thought that it was a minor problem and would heal on its own soon. He visited a doctor but even after three four treatments his condition did not recede. The doctor wrote down all sorts of tests. When Anna's father saw the report he was shocked and depressed. His livers were 95% damaged which in turn affected his kidneys also. He was immediately admitted in a hospital which specialized in liver problems. All the waste blood and pus was removed with the help of an injection. He stayed in the hospital for a whole one month. After returning home he was undergoing treatment. Anna's father was feeling very sad as he was told by the doctor that he only had a maximum of one year left. Four months passed. When Anna had gone to give her board exam her father passed away. Anna couldn't accept the fact that her father was no more. She was too shocked, from that day she who was a bubbly talkative girl and was even reprimanded by her teachers for talking too much became weirdly silent. She completed her 12th class and was now doing graduation. She recalled that her father always told her that she was this father's daughter ( papa ki betu).
All her friends were really not expecting this and felt guilty for hurting her and for their misconceptions. They felt ashamed of their previous behaviour. They consoled Anna and profusely apologized to her, tears streaming down their faces. Everyone was moved listening to Anna reminiscing about her father.

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