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Unrest of the Damned

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A collection of experimental poetry. Part 2 of 3 of "The bearings of a cynic".

K. Georgieva
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The angry rant of a lamenting woman

Oh sir, I have not seen you standing there all alone.

What could you possibly be doing here at this time?

You know how dangerous it is at this hour to brood all alone.

You never know what sort of thoughts you may think.

God bless you never end up like me.

All sullen and downtrodden and angry and nefarious, for you see, my kind are most dangerous.

You, sir, have been blessed with blissful ignorance, unknowing what the taste of bitter fruit really comes like.

The taste of despair. Of shame. Of anguish that tears your heart and leaves it to shreds.

All hope and faith can go out the window. We have no use of it now. It is too late for us, you see, my dear sir.

Hope and faith have been lost to us a long while. And now we are out to seek vengeance and blood. A witch hunt per se.

No, no, no don’t fret, my dear sir. You will get down that road soon enough.

The time we have spent adorning our courageous beloved with our gracious company has passed and we see nothing more than a child expecting our dutiful and obliging and courteous manners to feed their own ego.

But we have had enough of that. We will not be quiet. We will not give in to your filthy temptations. And most importantly, we will no longer bow to our masters and their volatile caprices.

I will no longer take any minds other than my own.

I will no longer be a servant, begging for charity and receive unscrupulous criticism.

I will no longer stay quiet when they beat me, and those like me, to the ground.

I will fight back. And I will fight hard.

It is time we took back what is ours by birth and claim it for the sake of those who will come after us.

So, may I interest you in a position in our silent revolution, my dear sir?

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